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Dirty, Reckless Love (The Boys of Jackson Harbour #3)

By Lexi Ryan


I’m in love with a man who tried to kill me. At least that’s what they tell me . . .

Six weeks ago, paramedics found me unconscious in my apartment. Beaten. Bruised. Hardly breathing. When I woke up, I couldn’t remember the last three years or anything about my life in Jackson Harbor. They tell me my fiancé, Colton McKinley, is on the run for what he did to me. They tell me I’m safer if I stay away.

I don’t care if my memories ever come back. I want nothing to do with those missing years . . . until a sexy stranger with angry eyes shows up on my doorstep and demands I stop ignoring him.

Levi Jackson is my fiancé’s best friend, but seeing him sparks something inside me. As the truth unravels in my mind, I know they’re wrong about Colton. My own secrets are far more dangerous than the man I was engaged to.

I return to Jackson Harbor to search for answers and find myself running from a faceless boogeyman and seeking refuge in Levi’s arms. And in his bed.

I can’t deny my feelings for Levi. But as the pile of lies between us grows, I realize that sometimes the truth can’t set us free. Sometimes, it’s the very thing that can destroy us.


Levi, Ellie, and Colton each brought their own vulnerabilities to this love story which makes you fall in love with all of them.

Dirty, Reckless Love is full of twists, lies and lust and love that goes deep in your bones.  Ellie is passionate, confused, headstrong and determined for a better life full of love.

The story is past and present and we move between the two effortlessly as the author weaves her tale.  As the ending nears the gap in Ellie’s memory connects the two periods of time until they clash.  There are moments you think you know who the danger is and I did not pick this twist.

The dynamic between Ellie, Colton and Levi’s friendship provided moments of heartache and passion Whilst not a full on love triangle which I hate, this is told really well.  I put that down to Levihonoringg his friendship with Colton at the beginning but then like all romantic love stories the heart takes over.

What i loved about the ending was how the author gave Ellie her time at the conclusion to find herself before she found her true love.

Whilst this is a series, I have not read the others and this story is a standalone.

Quote:  “Yes, but if you’ve only ever seen sunshine, how do you know you can face the storm”

Dirty, Reckless Love (The Boys of Jackson Harbour #3)

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The Chase (Briar U # 1)

By Elle Kennedy


Everyone says opposites attract. And they must be right, because there’s no logical reason why I’m so drawn to Colin Fitzgerald. I don’t usually go for tattoo-covered, video-gaming, hockey-playing nerd-jocks who think I’m flighty and superficial. His narrow view of me is the first strike against him. It doesn’t help that he’s buddy-buddy with my brother.

And that his best friend has a crush on me.

And that I just moved in with them.

Oh, did I not mention we’re roommates?

I suppose it doesn’t matter. Fitzy has made it clear he’s not interested in me, even though the sparks between us are liable to burn our house down. I’m not the kind of girl who chases after a man, though, and I’m not about to start. I’ve got my hands full dealing with a new school, a sleazy professor, and an uncertain future. So if my sexy brooding roomie wises up and realizes what he’s missing?

He knows where to find me.


THE CHASE is the first book in the Briar U series (a spin-off of the Off-Campus series, which is one of my all-time favorite series) and I won’t lie, I have been waiting for this book for a very long time. Almost two years to be exact and I’m very glad the wait is finally over. As with any book from Elle Kennedy, THE CHASE was a very enjoyable binge read that left me wanting more.

It’s hard to believe that two weeks ago I was excited about seeing Fitz.
Now I’m dreading it. My unicorn is no longer a unicorn. He’s a judgmental donkey.

I liked Summer and Fitz, but Summer was definitely my favorite character. She was a breath of fresh air and was so open and honest. A special mention also has to go out to Brenna, Summer’s new best friend and the daughter of the school’s hockey coach, who was just as ballsy and unapologetic as Summer was. Fitz was a good guy, but he did try my patience with how negative he could be towards Summer simply because her personality was different to his.

I’ve made more of an effort to be social, but deep down I’m still the guy who wants to remain invisible.
Summer is the most visible person I’ve ever met.

THE CHASE is most definitely an angsty, slow burn romance, with Summer and Fitz pushing and pulling each other for more than two thirds of the book, which for me was a very long time to wait for them to get together. I was left with a lot of questions relating to both Summer and Fitz, and if those questions don’t get answered in the following books, it will annoy me greatly. I was a little disappointed with the ending because it felt abrupt, came without an epilogue and came almost immediately after a very big scene had been played out.

THE CHASE is told in dual POVs and comes with a nice enough ending for Summer and Fitz. I’m very much looking forward to Brenna’s book, THE RISK, which is scheduled to be released in February 2019, and I’m desperate to know who her love interest will be. Will it be Hollis, Summer and Fitz’s roommate? Or will it be Jake Connelly, a rival hockey player from Harvard? Time will tell, and I for one hope time flies.

* Please note: This book includes talk about—and includes a couple of scenes of—sexual assault, so take caution if this topic is a trigger for you.

The Chase (Briar U # 1)

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Briar U Series

Survival of the Richest (Survival of the Richest #1)

By Skye Warren


An heiress without a cause.
Two billionaires determined to claim her.
And a war fought on the most dangerous battlefield–the heart.

“What an incredible book! Survival of the Richest has everything — Skye Warren’s beautiful writing, a sexy, compelling story; intricate characters, and a provocative love triangle that will captivate you until the very end.” ~ New York Times bestselling author Nina Lane

My story starts with a plunge into the cold water of Manhattan’s harbor.

A strong hand hauls me back onto the deck of the luxury yacht. Christopher was supposed to be my enemy. Instead, he protects me with fierce determination.

That should have been my happily ever after, but then Sutton appeared–ruthless and seductive. He doesn’t care that my heart belongs to someone else, because he’s determined to win. No matter the cost.

It’s an impossible choice, but I can’t have them both.


Normally I do not like love triangles but Christopher, Sutton and in particular Harper weave together through their own darkness.  It was an interesting story and at no time did I become agitated with the indecision and confusion by Harper.

At times I was as indecisive as Harper as to who I thought would feed her heart and soul.

Towards the end I admit I probably always wanted Christopher to choose Harper.  Their beginning which is told in the Trust Fund (Prologue) probably cemented my love for Christopher.

My most favourite part of this story was the relationship between Harper and her parents .  How that affected Harper’s life was really interesting.  Then throw in Christopher’s part and the tale is woven with manipulation from her father.

Sutton was dark and dangerous and there are some great erotic moments.  His friendship with Christopher and his own personal demons gave another layer to this story.

We meet the Thieves club and also other characters from the Endgame and Masterpiece Series which I loved.  It was great to see Avery, Penny and Damon Scott.

This is going to be another great duet series by Skye Warren that I am going to devour.

Quote:  It doesn’t feel like a loss.  It feels like being free.

Survival of the Richest (Survival of the Richest #1)

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Trouble (Made & Broken #3)

By Nora Ash


I share everything with my twin—every man I kill, every woman I fuck. But once my sight is set on her… she’s all mine.


If there is one thing I don’t have time for, it’s men. Especially not men six years my junior, with a wicked smile and abs for days. No self-respecting woman with career goals and bills to pay would fall for a guy like Liam Steel—he’s everything I never wanted, with his easy laugh and complete disregard for rules.

He’s not the man for me, I know he isn’t. He’s got secrets, and if I get too close they’ll end up burning me alive.

So why can’t I stay away?


It was meant to be a harmless fling—she was supposed to be just another quick fuck before I was out the door. But Audrey Waits is so much more than I ever thought she’d be.

She’s the one.

I should be happy I’ve found the woman I want to marry. After all, isn’t that what everyone spends their entire life searching for? Their one true love.

Too bad I’ll never get my Happy Ever After.

How can I, when being with me means she’s marked for death?


It was always Liam and me. Through every hit we’ve done, every woman we’ve fucked and every loss we’ve suffered, we’ve been left standing because we had each other’s backs.

Then she showed up. The prissy little bird who’s wrapped my twin around her finger, making him careless. Making him vulnerable.

In our business, you have a weakness, you’re dead. And if there’s one thing I won’t survive, it’s losing Liam.

So I’ll protect him—even from himself, if I have to.

I’ll make her think I’m him.

And then I’ll break her.

She’ll regret they day she fell in love with a Steel.


I admit I have loved the Made & Broken Series, the first two were five heart reads.  This final installment had an action-packed second half with emotion and spine-tingling moments.  I felt the emotional connection between Liam, Louis, and Audrey.

Liam and Audrey’s romantic journey felt slow for me.  Louis played a sneaky game of the heart and it felt too quick within the storyline.  Trouble in some parts just felt rushed.  I could not feel the three characters connection as deeply as I did other couples in this series.

The author created tense and exciting final moments for the mob family drama and secrets were well played.  Can I say I really loved the Russian when he dealt with Audrey, it provided humour at a dark moment.  Also, my favourite brother being Marcus returns so I was very happy.

.  The author neatly tied up all the family with a great Epilgoue.  This series had a great trio of strong female characters who all balanced these mafia brothers, I would have loved to have met Ellie.

Trouble (Made & Broken #3)

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Misadventures of a Virgin

By Meredith Wild


It’s been years since June Bell shared a stolen moment with her girlhood crush, Kase McCasker. It’s been just as long since Kase’s father nixed the sale of the McCasker farm to expand the grounds of the Bell’s grand hotel. Now that Kase is back home for good, June might be the only person who can persuade him to reconsider the abandoned plan. But how can she face him again after he left her without a word?

Four years ago, unexpected news shook the foundation of Kase McCasker’s world. Escaping Falls Edge for college was the perfect excuse to chase his demons and bury his pain. Now, with a degree in hand and a void he can’t fill, he’s back in the little mountain town he thought he’d never call home again. Searching for purpose, he’s determined to put down roots and take over the struggling farm that’s been in his family for generations.

Time and distance haven’t taken the edge off his preoccupation with June, the spitfire daughter of his father’s rival. He hasn’t forgotten their time together and all the things they did and didn’t do. One look at her has him reconsidering the future and making a dangerous deal to win her over. Is a chance at her heart worth risking everything else?


Misadventures of a Virgin is a mix of new adult meets second chance.  I just love Meredith Wild’s style of writing.  It really makes me never want to put the book down.  Kase and June are so perfect for each other.  They both have difficult family histories that need to come out before they can move forward.

I really loved Kase.  He is so complicated but he has only had eyes for June.  Unfortunately the timing was off when they first tried to get together and that left June confused.  Fast forward four years and Kase is back and he has a plan.

June was a fantastic mix of innocence and driven determination. She believes in her father’s vision for the hotel and wants to see it through so she agrees to Kase’s plan.

There is almost a story within this story that revolves around their fathers. It really got the kids to this point in their lives were the could start thinking about the future. I really love how Meredith put this story together.  She definitely put the right blend of emotion into this story.  The pacing was perfect.  I didn’t want to put this book down.  The last few chapters were the best.  And the sex scenes were hot with the right amount of kink.

Misadventures of a Virgin

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By Kelly Moore


Dr. Ashe Manning- aka Lucifer- CEO and founder of the MTA Crisis Division, Neurosurgeon
I’m an imperfect man in love with the perfect woman. She’s gorgeous, smart, and sexy.
I broke her heart. I took everything beautiful between us and smashed it to hell.
That was the old me. Now I’m in control. I’ve found different means to feed the adrenaline junkie in me. My mind is no longer free, but my heart is owned by one woman. The one woman I can never have because she saw my imperfections.

Dr. Aedon Thatcher- Partner, Thoracic Surgeon
I’m a woman in love with an imperfect man. I see his heart and mind, it’s a beautiful thing.
I left him all alone. I took everything beautiful between us and threw it away.
The stronger me, still loves him. I’m polished on the outside, but uncontrolled on the inside. I disguise my feelings well. I don’t want to love him, but I have no choice. He owns me, even if he doesn’t know it.

Dr. Wren Adams – Partner, General Surgeon
The man standing between the two of them.

Certified HEA


First and foremost, I love the cover of Imperfect.

The note to the author’s friend about an Epilogue at the end made me laugh.  I simply loved the way it ended and it is why I love romance.  Imperfect has dark and light moments of an emotional love story.

Imperfect’s love triangle will have you second-guessing the motive of each character. I too struggled to make a decision, just like Aedon. We travel with these doctors as they work in the field of some tense situations.  Each time they return it seems to take a toll on Ashe as he grapples with his medical condition.

Whilst reading the first half I really wanted the romance journey to start sooner.

Wren broke my heart many times and I felt such sorrow for him as I always felt he was the underdog.  There was something about him that personally, I connected to.

As I read the second half of this story we really get to delve into the love triangle.  This broke my heart many times and I could not breathe whilst reading these moments.  Most of all this was a hard journey for Aedon as she begins to get such clarity for her true feelings.

The characters keep you guessing right up to the end and there is no unnecessary drama.

The male relationship between Ashe and Wren was one of my favourite parts of this whole story.

All characters are given a happy ever after and this is a wonderful standalone.

Quote:  No I’m scared to not love you because if I don’t, I’ll never love another man and my heart will always be broken.


My Rating:  

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In This Breeze (Lake Shore University #1)

By Kathleen Maree


A nerd. A quiet art student. A nobody.

Or perhaps, just some girl.

These are the non-spoken titles I’ve been known as since I started at Lake Shore Uni almost two years ago now. When given the chance to leave my horrific childhood behind – I didn’t hesitate. In fact, I was ecstatic to have the door hit me on the ass on my way out of town; because the only two things I actually loved in my traumatic life…

Were coming with me.

And whilst the three of us shared the same beat-up truck when we moved here – that’s where the similarities unfortunately end.

Ethan ‘The Mule’ Jones, is kind of a super star on campus. Everywhere he goes he seems to draw attention. I guess that’s what happens when you’re headlining papers as the star basketballer for the LS Eagles. But to me, he’s just Eth. A boy who still spends his Friday nights snuggled up watching movies with me, and who walks me to classes just to make sure I get there okay. He is my best friend in every way, and I can’t imagine my life without him in it.

And then there’s Jase.

The truth is I knew from the moment I met Jase at the local skate park, when he was smoking a cigarette and teasing Eth for his poor skating ability, of how fiercely protective he was about those he cared for. From the time he blew his warm breath over my injured knee, to when he thankfully intervened on the most horrific day of my life. A day, that still haunts me when I am alone in the dark.

He saved me.

But Jase has his own demons too. Even if he doesn’t go looking for it, trouble always seems to find him. Which is why he has been absent from our lives for the past two years.

Sometimes I wonder what he’s doing.

Quite often I worry if he’s okay.

And I always, always, think about him.

Even though I shouldn’t


In this Breeze is a college romance that involves three friends and lots of drama.  This is a new author for me and I enjoyed the story although some of the drama within the friendship triangle did wear me down.

At times I found myself quite angry with Bree and her inability to make decisions however she is only young and hindsight is a great thing.  Ethan immediately had my heart, he was such a good friend to Bree and he is genuinely in love with this girl.  The way Ethan cares for her and is so protective and does not succumb to peer group pressure is surprising.

Jase is troubled however he and Bree do share a traumatic event so have a deep connection.  Jase is definitely a bad boy however his moments with Bree are special and sensitive.

The second half of this story I enjoyed far more than the first and the ending definitely although not a cliffhanger it does leave you wanting more.

I cannot wait to read about Jase in the next novel.  I am truly torn with this friendship it is driving me crazy!

In This Breeze (Lake Shore University #1)

My Rating:  

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Wicked Wish (Wicked Horse Vegas # 2)

By Sawyer Bennett


Jorinda Pearce thought she did everything right – graduated from college, married her long-time sweetheart, established a career. But what does she have to show for it now? A degree she doesn’t use, a job she hates, and an ex-husband that broke her heart.

Looking for a long overdue adventure, Jorie takes a walk on the wild side and attends a masquerade event at The Wicked Horse Vegas. It’s exactly the escape she’s looking for, and even better, she can explore anonymously. Drawn to the man masked in black leather with the body of a god, Jorie finds the greatest pleasures of her life at the hands of a stranger.

Walsh Brooks is the most sought after man in The Wicked Horse. Sex is nothing but a game to him and he’s the type that will always leave at the end of the night without looking back. Unfortunately for Walsh, there’s no way he can walk away from the mysterious green-eyed beauty behind the mask of sapphire feathers, because he knows exactly who she is.

Jorie is his best friend’s little sister and there’s not another woman in the world that’s more off limits.


WICKED WISH is the second book in the Wicked Horse Vegas series and it was another hot and enjoyable read that was very hard to put down.  It’s a rare find when the sex and the story are as good as each other, and WICKED WISH wins on both counts.

I loved Jorie right from the start, and she’s definitely the stand-out character in my opinion.  She may get knocked down, but she doesn’t stay down for long.  Her husband blamed her for their dull sex-life, so what better way to prove to herself that she has what it takes to please a man than by going to a sex club and getting it on with a hot stranger in front of dozens of people.  Yowza!  She lost a lot of her confidence because of her husband’s words, but it wasn’t just Walsh that gave it back to her; she had the courage to get it back for herself, and I really liked that about her.

Walsh was definitely stuck between a rock (his desire for Jorie) and a hard place (his friendship with Jorie’s brother, Micah), and you can’t help but feel bad for a man who wants it all, but doesn’t know how he can have it without hurting one of the two people he loves.  Given Walsh’s claims that he’s very demanding and rough when it comes to sex—going so far as to say he can leave a woman sore and bruised—I was expecting an intense read when it came to his sex scenes.  So I won’t lie when I say I was a little disappointed that we never saw that side of him.  Was he hot and demanding?  Most definitely.  Was he rough and dirty?  Not really.

As with most, if not all, best friend’s sibling romances, the conflict that tears them apart is predictable just from reading the blurb, so there’s no surprises there.  However, what I liked most about the conflict was its resolution; it wasn’t resolved after a measly five minute apology and was therefore realistic and believable.

WICKED WISH is told in dual POVs and while it’s part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone.  I want to point out that Walsh and Jorie don’t spend much time at the Wicked Horse, and while that certainly isn’t a big deal, it was something that really stood out to me.  So, if you’re expecting to see a lot of debauchery taking place in a sex club, you might be disappointed.  That being said, WICKED WISH does come with the hottest HEA I’ve ever read.  Seriously, the hottest.  I can’t wait for the next book, WICKED ENVY, to come out.  A threesome with two men and one woman?  Sign me up.

Wicked Wish (Wicked Horse Vegas # 2)

My Rating:  

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Wicked Horse Vegas Series

The Serpent’s Kiss (The Hunter Chronicles #4)

By Claire Marta


Jasmine Hunter’s addiction for the vampire bite is swallowing her whole. Left with no other choice; she seeks out the Master Vampire of London to ease her pain.

But Asier Serpico has his own agenda. Dark, lethal, and intoxicating; he offers sweet seduction and even more—pleasure. He wants to take her pain—and her body—from the one she loves.

Can Jasmine resist Asier while fighting to prevent the impending disaster of a new drug wreaking havoc on the city streets….

…or will London fall?


Jasmine has a problem in the beginning of The Serpent’s Kiss.  She is now addicted to a vampire’s bite.  She doesn’t want to ask for Eric’s help so she turns to the only other master vampire in London, Asier. Asier can’t believe that Eric would ever let her go.  But he can’t say he’s sorry about it either.

Again Claire Marta takes us on a journey.  She threw another twist at us.  Jasmine really doesn’t know Asier.  He seems to have his own code that he lives by.  Jasmine needs help and Asier is more than willing to give it at a price.

There is also a mysterious drug that is killing humans. It seems to be connected to Asier’s club but he doesn’t know about it.  So Jasmine’s team is spending a lot more time in Liquor and Lust which means that Jasmine’s  secret might get out.

I liked Asier’s character.  He has a mix of good and bad guy that is very attractive even though my heart still belongs to Eric.  I also liked Asier’s right hand vampire, Kane.

Again Claire has a way of bringing this world to life.  I really see jasmine’s confusion about both men.  I do wish that we got to see more of Eric in this story, but I can also see that this series is really about Jasmine to this point.  I almost felt like it’s the devil you know versus this mysterious guy that once you get to know may surprise you.

The Serpent’s Kiss

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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The Devil Has a British Accent

By ZN Willett


This is no simple Hollywood story of famous boy meets ordinary girl, who then fall in love and live happily ever after.

This is about the town of dreamers and make believers; skilled at casting spells of deception and deceit. And what happens when the spell is lifted, and everything that you believe in is merely an illusion?

When the world of happily ever after is altered and obscured, and not only by one enticing man?

For Lauren Moreau, her journey is full of raw emotions that will tempt you with curiosity and intrigue, and squeeze out passion and angst until your heart bleeds.

This is Hollywood, after all…


The Devil Has a British Accent is a coming of age romance with a paranormal twist. A girl who has to protect her heart and the men who want her.

Lauren has just returned from Minnesota after graduating.  She doesn’t have any real plans for the future but has decided to help a family friend with her catering business while a film crew is in town.  I liked Lauren, she has gone through a lot with her family and is figuring out what comes next and that makes her relatable.  She is also trying to figure out her love life when a sexy actor enters her life.  There is something about him that she is drawn to.

Jackson Cruz is an actor that finds himself completely infatuated with this small town girl.   He has many secrets that could change her life forever.  I didn’t like Jackson for Lauren.  He wasn’t my favorite character.  I wondered why he cut himself off emotionally to her a lot of the time and I think because of that I didn’t connect with him as much as I wanted to.

Cary is another actor/musician that is famous but has been a family friend to Lauren’s family since they were children.  He is best friends with her brother Blake.  I really liked his character. I knew he was keeping secrets from Lauren but there is something about the way he cares for her and her brother that stuck out to me.

I found The Devil Has a British Accent to be a good coming of age paranormal romance.  The beginning was a little bit on the long side but the ending was fast-paced and Lauren’s world really changed forever.  This is a to be continued story so I can’t wait until the next installment.

The Devil Has a British Accent

My Rating:  

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