Wicked Wish (Wicked Horse Vegas # 2)

By Sawyer Bennett


Jorinda Pearce thought she did everything right – graduated from college, married her long-time sweetheart, established a career. But what does she have to show for it now? A degree she doesn’t use, a job she hates, and an ex-husband that broke her heart.

Looking for a long overdue adventure, Jorie takes a walk on the wild side and attends a masquerade event at The Wicked Horse Vegas. It’s exactly the escape she’s looking for, and even better, she can explore anonymously. Drawn to the man masked in black leather with the body of a god, Jorie finds the greatest pleasures of her life at the hands of a stranger.

Walsh Brooks is the most sought after man in The Wicked Horse. Sex is nothing but a game to him and he’s the type that will always leave at the end of the night without looking back. Unfortunately for Walsh, there’s no way he can walk away from the mysterious green-eyed beauty behind the mask of sapphire feathers, because he knows exactly who she is.

Jorie is his best friend’s little sister and there’s not another woman in the world that’s more off limits.


WICKED WISH is the second book in the Wicked Horse Vegas series and it was another hot and enjoyable read that was very hard to put down.  It’s a rare find when the sex and the story are as good as each other, and WICKED WISH wins on both counts.

I loved Jorie right from the start, and she’s definitely the stand-out character in my opinion.  She may get knocked down, but she doesn’t stay down for long.  Her husband blamed her for their dull sex-life, so what better way to prove to herself that she has what it takes to please a man than by going to a sex club and getting it on with a hot stranger in front of dozens of people.  Yowza!  She lost a lot of her confidence because of her husband’s words, but it wasn’t just Walsh that gave it back to her; she had the courage to get it back for herself, and I really liked that about her.

Walsh was definitely stuck between a rock (his desire for Jorie) and a hard place (his friendship with Jorie’s brother, Micah), and you can’t help but feel bad for a man who wants it all, but doesn’t know how he can have it without hurting one of the two people he loves.  Given Walsh’s claims that he’s very demanding and rough when it comes to sex—going so far as to say he can leave a woman sore and bruised—I was expecting an intense read when it came to his sex scenes.  So I won’t lie when I say I was a little disappointed that we never saw that side of him.  Was he hot and demanding?  Most definitely.  Was he rough and dirty?  Not really.

As with most, if not all, best friend’s sibling romances, the conflict that tears them apart is predictable just from reading the blurb, so there’s no surprises there.  However, what I liked most about the conflict was its resolution; it wasn’t resolved after a measly five minute apology and was therefore realistic and believable.

WICKED WISH is told in dual POVs and while it’s part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone.  I want to point out that Walsh and Jorie don’t spend much time at the Wicked Horse, and while that certainly isn’t a big deal, it was something that really stood out to me.  So, if you’re expecting to see a lot of debauchery taking place in a sex club, you might be disappointed.  That being said, WICKED WISH does come with the hottest HEA I’ve ever read.  Seriously, the hottest.  I can’t wait for the next book, WICKED ENVY, to come out.  A threesome with two men and one woman?  Sign me up.

Wicked Wish (Wicked Horse Vegas # 2)

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