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Do you want to know more about the amazing women behind this blog? Then look no further because you’ve come to the right place.


Bio - LuluWho am I?  I live on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.  By day I work in Accounting because numbers make sense in my brain and by night I am tucked away reading Romance novels.  My husband and I met as 19 year olds and I love him more today than when I probably first met him, age does that to you after 27 years.  He is my protector, knows my strengths and weaknesses and loves me unconditionally.  He is a man, he is stubborn and head strong, he is my lover.  We have a daughter who is the light of our lives.

What books do I read?  Thanks to my dear friend Vicki, I read an obscene amount of Romance.  I love alpha men, strong and dominating and who know how to please a lady.  I really enjoy novels that have great supporting characters of friends and families.  I enjoy humour added in the right context.  I have some favourite authors like Kristen Ashley and Maya Banks who provide my “go to” books when I am feeling in a book funk and need to cleanse.

Why Review?  I need a place to off load, in a positive way, about novels, characters, scenes and the all dreaded cliff hanger.  Sometimes it can take me a day to recover from a great story and I feel a loss at the end of a book when the characters have made an impact.  With my dear friend Vicki moving overseas this is another way of keeping in contact, discussing our books we love and we also enjoy having a giggle about some scenes especially those where some stud can have 7 orgasms in one night!!  I apologise in advance,  we are a little bit dirty, we don’t mind threesomes, shape shifters, alpha men, domination and a bit of afternoon delight.

Anything Else?  I am probably more of a dark side of life Romance reader, I am fascinated by emotions and relationships, to be twisted and turned within a story and to have my initial perceptions changed I simply love.  I am not afraid of a cliffhanger but do not make me wait three years for your next book!

Favourite Authors?    I love Tijan, Kristen Ashley, Pepper Winters, Jodi Ellen Malpas, Freya Barker, Maya Banks, Skye Warren, just to name a few and some of these authors books I have read more than 5 times, they are my go to books when I need to go to my happy place.

Vicki, Christine and I are romance sisters, we are nice to each other and welcome positive comments.  If you like a review or our site drop us a line, give us some recommendations!


Bio - VickiWho am I?  I am a 37 y.o. Australian native who moved to sunny
San Diego after my husband got a job transfer in 2014.  We have been married for almost 14 years (holy shit!) and we have an 11 y.o. son.  After arriving in the U.S. I got a promotion and I’m now the CEO of Household Operations.  Sounds important right?  In my spare time I like to read and even if I don’t have time to spare, I’ll make time if the book is one of those that just can’t be put down.
This seems to happen a lot.

What books do I read?  Romance novels.  Lots and lots of romance novels.  To be honest, I only read romance novels.  I originally got started on paranormal, but over the years I’ve become hooked on contemporary romance and I predominately read those now.  If the story involves firemen, military, bodyguards and hockey players, I’ll most likely read it.  When the mood strikes, I will branch out into NA and paranormal, or whatever else is out there that peaks my interest.  Basically, if the cover looks good (yes, I’m a cover lover) and the blurb sounds interesting, I’ll read it.

Why review?  I review to keep track of all the books I read.  Sometimes I read so many books in a week that by the weekend I can’t remember what I read on Monday.  Plus, I think it’s a great way to give back to authors, especially if I loved the book.

Favourite authors?  I love Beth Ehemann, Elle Kennedy, Michelle Irwin, Rebecca Yarros, Sarina Bowen and Sawyer Bennett, just to name a few.


Bio - ChristineWho am I?  I am  42 years old.  Born and raised in Canada from British parents and now I live in Tulsa, OK.  (I know an interesting combination.)  I do medical billing by day and read my ass off by night.  I am a parent to a four legged child, who is extremely spoiled. My two favorite things to do are to read and travel, so if I get to combine the two I get really excited.

What books do I read?  I love all romance books, but I do seem to gravitate towards paranormal romance.  I like good strong alpha men with a vulnerable side.  I also like strong female characters, because sometimes they have to kick some alpha man ass.   I try to pick books that will either make me laugh, cry or make me want to throw my Kindle across the room and if I get all three in one book I usually read it over and over again.  Oh yeah, a good sex scene never hurts either (pun intended).

Why review?  I am really passionate about reading and I think that reviewing is a great way to share my passion.  Plus I really love reading authors that I haven’t read before and this has given me the opportunity to share my thoughts and feelings on their creations.

Favourite authors?  Jeaniene Frost, Kresley Cole, Chloe Neill, Shayla Black, Lexi Blake,  and Rebecca Zanetti, just to name a few.  My list grows every month.   I really admire all authors because to create a whole new world is an incredible gift.