Trouble (Made & Broken #3)

By Nora Ash


I share everything with my twin—every man I kill, every woman I fuck. But once my sight is set on her… she’s all mine.


If there is one thing I don’t have time for, it’s men. Especially not men six years my junior, with a wicked smile and abs for days. No self-respecting woman with career goals and bills to pay would fall for a guy like Liam Steel—he’s everything I never wanted, with his easy laugh and complete disregard for rules.

He’s not the man for me, I know he isn’t. He’s got secrets, and if I get too close they’ll end up burning me alive.

So why can’t I stay away?


It was meant to be a harmless fling—she was supposed to be just another quick fuck before I was out the door. But Audrey Waits is so much more than I ever thought she’d be.

She’s the one.

I should be happy I’ve found the woman I want to marry. After all, isn’t that what everyone spends their entire life searching for? Their one true love.

Too bad I’ll never get my Happy Ever After.

How can I, when being with me means she’s marked for death?


It was always Liam and me. Through every hit we’ve done, every woman we’ve fucked and every loss we’ve suffered, we’ve been left standing because we had each other’s backs.

Then she showed up. The prissy little bird who’s wrapped my twin around her finger, making him careless. Making him vulnerable.

In our business, you have a weakness, you’re dead. And if there’s one thing I won’t survive, it’s losing Liam.

So I’ll protect him—even from himself, if I have to.

I’ll make her think I’m him.

And then I’ll break her.

She’ll regret they day she fell in love with a Steel.


I admit I have loved the Made & Broken Series, the first two were five heart reads.  This final installment had an action-packed second half with emotion and spine-tingling moments.  I felt the emotional connection between Liam, Louis, and Audrey.

Liam and Audrey’s romantic journey felt slow for me.  Louis played a sneaky game of the heart and it felt too quick within the storyline.  Trouble in some parts just felt rushed.  I could not feel the three characters connection as deeply as I did other couples in this series.

The author created tense and exciting final moments for the mob family drama and secrets were well played.  Can I say I really loved the Russian when he dealt with Audrey, it provided humour at a dark moment.  Also, my favourite brother being Marcus returns so I was very happy.

.  The author neatly tied up all the family with a great Epilgoue.  This series had a great trio of strong female characters who all balanced these mafia brothers, I would have loved to have met Ellie.

Trouble (Made & Broken #3)

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