How we rate and review

Hello and welcome.  If you’ve arrived at this page, it’s because you’re wondering how we rate and review our books.  Hopefully you’ll find all the answers you’re looking for here.

Do you have a review policy?
No, not really.  But we are a book review blog, so if we read it, we review it.

Do you review everything you read, including Advance Reader Copies (ARCs)?
That comes down to the personal choice of the reviewer.  Christine and Vicki review everything they read, but depending on the situation, Lulu may keep her thoughts to herself if she didn’t enjoy the book.  We feel that if we only publish the good reviews and not the bad ones, that we’re not being completely honest and transparent with our followers.  We are aware that other book review blogs only post their positive reviews, which of course is their personal choice and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with it.  At this point in time however, we are happy with our decision to review everything, whether we liked it or not.

Where do you publish your reviews?
We publish all our reviews here on our blog, as well as on our Goodreads and Amazon accounts.  If we obtain ARCs through NetGalley, our reviews are posted there as well.

Do you promote your reviews, good or bad?
While all our reviews are published on the sites mentioned above, we only promote those reviews that are 3 Hearts or higher on our social media accounts.  If we rate a book 5 Hearts, we will promote the shit out of that book.

Do you get paid for reviews?
No.  We do receive ARCs in conjunction with promotions and, on occasion, directly from an author or publisher in exchange for a review, but receiving said ARCs does not guarantee a good review or high rating.  Free book or not, our reviews are honest.

How do you rate your books?
We rate our books 1 Heart to 5 Hearts and we do include those books that, in the rarest of occasions, we did not finish.  We are lovers of books and while every book starts out with 5 Hearts, sadly not all of them will have retained that rating by the end.

What are your review/rating statistics?
As at September 2017, we have published over 980 reviews with an average rating of 4.05.  Out of all those books, only 51 (or 5%) were given a rating of 2 Hearts and under, and only three of those were not read to completion. 

What do the hearts mean?

1 Heart
We’re sorry to say that we couldn’t connect with this book and we most likely didn’t finish it.

2 Hearts
We did finish this book, but ultimately we didn’t enjoy it.

3 Hearts
We liked this book, but there were a few too many things that kept us from loving it.

4 Hearts
We really liked this book.  We found it engaging and enjoyable, and we probably read it when we should have been focusing on our real life responsibilities.

5 Hearts
We LOVED this book and we could not put it down.  We can sleep when we’re dead and our kids are old enough to feed themselves.  This book took priority over everything else in our lives and probably made us laugh, cry or gasp in outrage.  It probably also made our other halves very happy.  Wink wink.

Dear Authors

The reviews found on this blog are our personal opinions and as you know, opinions vary greatly from person to person.  Just because a book might not be what we like, it doesn’t mean that someone else won’t absolutely love it and read it several times a year.

We have nothing but respect for authors and the work you produce.  Writing is an art form and not something everyone can do.  There’s a saying out there that we’re sure everyone has heard of:  Those who can, do; those who can’t, teach.  It’s the same with writing:  Those who can’t make money writing best-selling novels, critique.

That being said, our aim is not to be mean, hurtful or offensive.  We are not out to ruin you or your books, but we will be honest with our reviews and say what we didn’t like about it.  If you are offended by our review/s, we apologise as it was not our intent.

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