Who we are

Romance Between The Sheets is made up of Lulu, Vicki and Christine; three friends who love romance novels and the hot hunks that appear on the covers and between the sheets.  Between the three of us we read a large variety of romance from a large variety of authors.  There’s a big wide world of romance out there and we plan on making a decent sized dent in it.  You can find more personal information about us HERE.

 A little history of our blog

In early November 2014, Lulu came to Vicki with a dream; a dream of starting a book review blog where we could review books as we pleased.  It was also a way for us to stay connected since we now lived on opposite sides of the world.  A crash course in blogging, website design, web hosting and HTML coding quickly followed, and we were set up and ready to go within a couple of days.  We were so excited we were bouncing off the walls, but that excitement was nothing compared to how we felt after receiving our first review request from an author.  Our brand new little blog was being asked to review an author’s work less than one month after starting up.  That was our first inkling that we really had absolutely no idea the huge world we were stepping in to.

In May 2016, we added Christine to our review team.  Vicki had met Christine at the RT Convention in Dallas in 2015 and the two of them clicked.  They met up again at the RT Convention in Las Vegas in 2016, and the idea of Christine turning our little twosome into a threesome was born.

What you will find here

Book recommendations.  Lots and lots of book recommendations.  We read a lot, which means we review a lot.  If you want to see how we rate and review our books, you can do so HERE.  You will also find Author Interviews, our Top Reads lists, our Convention adventures, and much more throughout our blog.

Shockingly (or maybe not), romance novels contain sex.  Sometimes lots and lots of sex, from your garden variety vanilla sex, to the slam you up against the wall sex, to the real kinky stuff you don’t want your family and friends to know you read about.  In our reviews you will find our honest opinions and perhaps some talk of sex, therefore we don’t recommend this blog for those under the age of 18 or the faint of heart.

Thank you so much for visiting and we hope you enjoy your stay.

Lulu     Vicki     Christine

P.S.  Want to know where else you can find us?
You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Goodreads.