In This Breeze (Lake Shore University #1)

By Kathleen Maree


A nerd. A quiet art student. A nobody.

Or perhaps, just some girl.

These are the non-spoken titles I’ve been known as since I started at Lake Shore Uni almost two years ago now. When given the chance to leave my horrific childhood behind – I didn’t hesitate. In fact, I was ecstatic to have the door hit me on the ass on my way out of town; because the only two things I actually loved in my traumatic life…

Were coming with me.

And whilst the three of us shared the same beat-up truck when we moved here – that’s where the similarities unfortunately end.

Ethan ‘The Mule’ Jones, is kind of a super star on campus. Everywhere he goes he seems to draw attention. I guess that’s what happens when you’re headlining papers as the star basketballer for the LS Eagles. But to me, he’s just Eth. A boy who still spends his Friday nights snuggled up watching movies with me, and who walks me to classes just to make sure I get there okay. He is my best friend in every way, and I can’t imagine my life without him in it.

And then there’s Jase.

The truth is I knew from the moment I met Jase at the local skate park, when he was smoking a cigarette and teasing Eth for his poor skating ability, of how fiercely protective he was about those he cared for. From the time he blew his warm breath over my injured knee, to when he thankfully intervened on the most horrific day of my life. A day, that still haunts me when I am alone in the dark.

He saved me.

But Jase has his own demons too. Even if he doesn’t go looking for it, trouble always seems to find him. Which is why he has been absent from our lives for the past two years.

Sometimes I wonder what he’s doing.

Quite often I worry if he’s okay.

And I always, always, think about him.

Even though I shouldn’t


In this Breeze is a college romance that involves three friends and lots of drama.  This is a new author for me and I enjoyed the story although some of the drama within the friendship triangle did wear me down.

At times I found myself quite angry with Bree and her inability to make decisions however she is only young and hindsight is a great thing.  Ethan immediately had my heart, he was such a good friend to Bree and he is genuinely in love with this girl.  The way Ethan cares for her and is so protective and does not succumb to peer group pressure is surprising.

Jase is troubled however he and Bree do share a traumatic event so have a deep connection.  Jase is definitely a bad boy however his moments with Bree are special and sensitive.

The second half of this story I enjoyed far more than the first and the ending definitely although not a cliffhanger it does leave you wanting more.

I cannot wait to read about Jase in the next novel.  I am truly torn with this friendship it is driving me crazy!

In This Breeze (Lake Shore University #1)

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