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Stay (WAGs # 2)

By Sarina Bowen & Elle Kennedy


Can you fall for someone you’ve never even met?

Hailey Taylor Emery has a hunch that her favorite client at Fetch–an anonymous virtual assistant service–is actually hockey star Matt Eriksson. 

Although it’s against the rules for her to check his file, she’s 95% sure she spends at least part of each day texting with her lifelong crush and catering to his every need. Still nursing a wounded heart thanks to her recent breakup, Hailey is perfectly content with some harmless online flirting…until she has to meet her client. Face to face. Cue: utter panic.

Matt Eriksson is no stranger to heartbreak. He’s still not over the destruction of his marriage, and it sucks to be the only guy on the team who knows the truth–that hockey and long-term relationships are a toxic mix. He barely sees his kids, and dealing with his ex makes him feel insane. The only person in his life who seems to understand is someone who won’t show her pretty face.

But it’s nothing that a pair of fourth row hockey seats can’t fix. Hailey can’t resist the offer. Matt can’t resist Hailey. Good thing he doesn’t have to. Fire up the kiss cam!

Warning: Contains rabid hockey fans, misunderstood dick pics, hockey players at the opera and exploding ovaries.


STAY is book 2 in the WAGs series and once again, Sarina and Elle did not disappoint.  The story.  The main characters.  The secondary characters.  I loved it all.

“I was thinking about what you said yesterday at the store.  About how you’ve never really dated?”
“Oh. That.”
“I don’t know, it seems kind of unfair that you’ve never been on a real date.  I thought I’d change that.”

I don’t know how they manage to do it, but Sarina and Elle have an amazing way of writing male leads that are so easy to love, and Matt is no exception.  He’s funny, sweet and a great father to his two daughters.  He’s also good husband material, despite his ex-wife’s claims and the emotional abuse she dumped on him throughout⎯and after⎯their marriage.  Hailey, having recently gone through a divorce herself, was a great match for Matt.  They both lost confidence in themselves when their spouses left, so I felt they were on equal footing when it came to their relationship, and both knew they had to tread lightly.  I loved their online flirting in the beginning, but my favourite scene was when Matt texted Hailey during their dinner date because she was so nervous.  It was the perfect blend of sweet, endearing and hot.

We got a couple of scenes with the hockey WAGs, who are loyal and supportive, and just a great group of women all around.  A special shout out has to go to Hailey’s best friend, Jenny, as well as Mr Dick.  In fact, if Sarina and Elle are reading this review, I’d like to put in a request for Jenny and Mr Dick to get their own story.

STAY is told in dual POVs and while it’s part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone.  I get the feeling that Matt’s teammate, O’Connor, will get the next book and, judging by his reaction to a certain woman in this story, it should be interesting.  I’m looking forward to it and it can’t come soon enough.

Stay (WAGs # 2)

My Rating:  

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WAGs Series

Him Duet (Connected Series)

Revenge (A Lawless Novel #3)

By Lexi Blake


When Drew Lawless discovers a fatal flaw in his plan to avenge his parents’ deaths, he turns to the one woman he promised he wouldn’t touch. He offers her a deal, one that will bring her into his investigation, his life, and his bed.

Investigative reporter Shelby Gates never dreamed how twisted the case would become—or how fascinated she would be with Drew. Every day they spend together binds them. And every night brings her closer to realizing he might be the man for her.

As Drew’s feelings for Shelby grow, so does the danger. From the streets of Dallas to Austin’s high-tech business world, Drew and Shelby play a game begun twenty years before—a game they will win, or die trying.


“I suppose we’re going to be seeing Carly and Bran while we’re in Dallas next week.”

She had one week to get comfortable around Drew. One week to figure out if she could actually sell this cover to his family.

“It would seem odd if I didn’t pay them a visit. Bran knows I have a meeting with Taggart scheduled. We’ll be in Dallas for two days. Dinner with Bran and Carly and Mia and Case has already been planned.”

“Exactly. And you don’t want to raise a bunch of questions. So I was thinking it might be smarter for me to get my own hotel room. I can lay low and they don’t have to know I’m in town.” She’d sat up for a good portion of the night doing two things: thinking about how much she’d wanted to kiss Drew Lawless and then freaking out about it because that was a bad idea. Beware of billionaires with six-pack abs. It was her new mantra. Yes, she’d signed the contract last night, but that didn’t mean she couldn’t reason with her new . . . boss . . . partner . . . whatever he was.

“I told Bran you’re coming with me.”

This was exactly what she’d worried about. “You told him? I thought I would have more time. How am I going to explain this to Carly? I think she’ll wonder why one of her closest friends didn’t mention she was dating her future brother-in-law.”

“I’ve already explained it. We wanted to make sure it was real before we went public. It’s that simple. We met in Los Angeles. I contacted you. We went on a few dates and we’ve been talking a lot. You’ve come out to Austin because we’re contemplating moving in together. This is a trial run,” he said calmly, as though he hadn’t upended her entire life. “Also, I asked Bran not to mention it to Carly because you would rather tell her yourself. It was a safe bet Bran wouldn’t ask too many questions, but Carly will want to know everything. It’s why we need to get our stories straight.”

She focused on the words that messed with her life. “Moving in together? You told them we’re thinking of moving in together?”

“How else was I supposed to explain it when all your belongings arrive here?”

“What?” She winced because the words had come out in a screech. “I’m having your things packed up as we speak. They’ll be here in a few days.”

“Why the hell would you do that?” How was she going to get everything back to LA?

Drew relaxed again as though he’d already gone over this argument in his mind and knew he would win. “I wanted you to be comfortable. This is going to be a full-time job, and not a quick one. I suspect we’ll have to keep up our ruse for at least six months. Potentially a year. Also, that apartment you were living in was incredibly dangerous. Did you know it was recently condemned? The movers told me about it when they explained they were charging me extra for how fast they had to move. It’s scheduled to be demolished in two weeks.”

“What?” She stared at him. He expected her to live with him for six months to a year? Somewhere in the back of her head she’d been thinking a week or two tops, and then she’d go back to LA and work from there. Her apartment building was shitty and she was fairly certain someone cooked meth in part of it, but it was all she could afford. And it was solidly built. There had been no hint that anyone was planning on building in her part of LA. Gentrification had not reared its upscale, hipster head yet, so that left her with one very manipulative bastard. “Tell me you did not buy my apartment building and schedule it for demolition in an attempt to leave me with nowhere to go.”

He managed to look almost angelic in the soft light of morning. “I have no idea what you’re talking about.”


Family is everything for the Lawless siblings.  These four have been through so much and deserve to be able to move to the next stage of their lives.  Drew wants to finish what they started so they can finally live in peace.

I felt compassion for Drew because he has spent his life sacrificing himself so his siblings could have a better life.  Even if that meant he had to give up his only chance at happiness.  His only goal was for them to have a good life and to avenge his parents.   I could understand why he was socially awkward.  He could only trust his brothers and sister.  Everything else to him was a transaction that he had to be in control of. But he will find out quickly that people cannot be a transaction.

Shelby is perfect for Drew, even though he warns her that he is not good for her. She allows him to have enough latitude before she puts her foot down.  I loved getting to know Shelby. She has missing pieces in her life too.  She needs a family that she can depend on but she is also strong and independent.

The whole family is amazing, they support each other and never doubt each other.  Both Riley and Bran have grown into their roles as husbands and in the company.  They manage to help inject the story with humour and advice.

Revenge is a story that shows that strength in many ways.  Strength in family bonds and forgiveness.  So much is happening in this story and I love that Lexi but heart in the center.  The introduction of a new character into this story really pulled everything for me.  I loved this character and I hope one day he might have his own story.


My Rating:  5 Hearts

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All I Am (This Man #3.5)

By Jodi Ellen Malpas


A new novella featuring Drew from the #1 New York Times bestselling This Man trilogy!

I’ve been revisiting a few old friends. You remember Drew? The dark, mysterious pal of Jesse’s? The cool guy, who kept himself to himself? Yes, him! It’s time for Drew to shine in a brand-spanking-new THIS MAN Novella coming June 18th! I can’t tell you how much fun I’ve had going back to my roots, and I just know you’re gonna LOVE Mr Davies. I hope a little something while you’re waiting for THE FORBIDDEN (Aug 8th) will put a smile on your face as wide as mine ☺

I thought I had control. I was so, so wrong . . .

I don’t need a relationship.
I have Hux, a decadent club where I quench whatever raw desire I choose. I take pleasure and I give it—no strings attached. So when Raya Rivers comes in asking for someone cold, emotionless, and filthy . . . well, no man ever takes his wicked pleasure quite the way I do.
Only Raya is different. Vulnerable. And carrying some deep sorrow that gets past all my carefully constructed walls and inexplicably makes me care. Now craving controls me. Ice has given way to red-hot need.
But Raya has no idea about my other life—my real life. That I’m a daddy to an adorable little girl.
My two worlds are about to collide with the force of a supernova. And once Raya knows the truth, will she be able to accept all I am?


All I Am, that moment for Drew when he is not looking for something and he finds it in the form of Raya and she too believes if you don’t have anyone, you can’t lose anymore.  Drew’s story is fast flowing and I could have read so much  more on this couple but in some ways it was perfect  as I for one wanted as little of Coral as possible!

How gorgeous is his pigdge? I really loved how the author included Georgia in so much of this story and it was perfect as she was the centre of Drew’s world – it was well thought out and clearly defined the kind of man he now was.

It was wonderful to return to the threesome of Jesse, Sam and Drew and how they still support each other through their 40’s was great to see.  How they supported each other and the humour in realising Drew had finally met his match provided some magic This Man moments.

I certainly did a happy dance seeing Jesse, Ava and the kids, it was like returning home and capturing another glimpse into their lives post the Manor.

Can I say I loved Raya as a character, she was beautiful and obviously just what Drew needed, the age difference for me and her background story provided warmth in allowing Drew to thaw his cold heart with trusting women.

My favourite part was the three men and little lady scene in the car – it had me laughing at a time where my heart was beating out of my chest wondering whether Drew would get his happy ever after.

Drew was one character from the This Man Series who always intrigued me and I am so happy we got to see his life after the Manor.

Quote:  If happiness was a chain, it would be platinum with solid hearts between every link and entwined around my swelling heart.

All I Am (This Man #3.5)

My Rating:  

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Vanek (Demons After Dark Book 1)

By Laurie Olerich


Introducing the Demons after Dark series! It’s hot paranormal romance featuring unlikely alpha heroes who will make you laugh, cry, and swoon. Known only as Trinity demons, this band of brothers was stripped of their powers and violently exiled from Hell. Forced to live as humans, they’re left with no memories and no weapons while a secret society quietly plots Lucifer’s demise. For these big, bad demons, adjusting to life as a human is, well, harder than Hell!

Thanks to her family’s curse, psychic Dylan McDonagh has been promised to a sadistic soul broker demon and she’s desperate to escape a terrifying future. After an impulsive act leads her to Morningstar Sanitarium, she’s inexplicably drawn to the sad and mysterious Vanek, but their tentative connection is broken when they escape and go their separate ways. Forced into hiding, Dylan turns to Expat Security for protection. Stunned to find the disturbingly sexy Vanek working there, she almost walks away. Another demon is the last thing she needs in her life.

Formerly one of Hell’s most renowned Painkillers, Vanek is horrified with being human until he discovers he’s been thrown into the body of a badass mercenary with a definite kinky streak and a box of sex toys. Wondering how he got so lucky, he jumps into his new role as second in command of Trinity’s new ops center–Expat Security. When Dylan comes to them for help, he knows he’s got to handle her case personally. As his attraction to her grows, so does the conspiracy that landed him in Brooklyn.


Lucifer has a problem, someone is planning on taking Hell right from under him. But there is a lot that needs to happen before that can take place.  Like exiling all the demons that are loyal to Lucifer and stripping them of their powers.

After being exiled from Hell, one of Lucifer’s painkillers found himself in a mental institution without any memory of who or what he was.  All Vanek knows is that his every instinct is telling him to torture.  Until a girl crosses his path, he remains in a drug induced haze.

Dylan has her own problems, her family and the man she is supposed to marry.  But she takes an opportunity to escape with Vanek.  Now she is on the run just tying to survive and stay safe with the one man who until recently tortured souls.  As Vanek gets to know her he realizes how special she is and the gifts that she has.

There is so much that is going on in this story.  A plot to take over Hell, exiled demons trying to find their way home, a girl trying to escape a death sentence and a romance between two people that don’t have anything in common. This story has a different perspective on demons and angels that is so intriguing.   It’s weaved together with humour, great action with a mystery to figure out.

I definitely found this story extremely addictive and can’t wait to read about all the other missing demons.


My Rating:  

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More Than Need You (More Than Words #2)

By Shayla Black


I’m Griffin Reed—cutthroat entrepreneur and competitive bastard. Trust is a four-letter word and everyone is disposable…except Britta Stone. Three years ago, she was my everything before I stupidly threw her away. I thought I’d paid for my sin in misery—until I learned we have a son. Finding out she’s engaged to a bore who’s rushing her to the altar pisses me off even more. I intend to win her back and raise our boy. I’ll have to get ruthless, of course. Luckily, that’s one of my most singular talents.

Sixty days. That’s what I’m asking the gritty, independent single mother to give me—twenty-four/seven. Under my roof. And if I have my way, in my bed. Britta says she wants nothing to do with me. But her body language and passionate kisses make her a liar. Now all I have to do is coax her into surrendering to the old magic between us. Once I have her right where I want her, I’ll do whatever it takes to prove I more than need her.


More Than Need You is part of the series More Than Words and that is the perfect way to explain the theme for this book.  A relationship is built and destroyed and rebuilt again on more than words.  It takes love, anger, forgiveness and happiness.  This book has it all.

Griff is amazing even with all his faults.  He made a huge mistake 3 years ago and ruined the most important relationships in his life.  He has the sins of his parents on his shoulders and that has continued to eat away at him and affect his relationships with the people who are closest to him.  Griff wants to be a better man for Britta but it doesn’t happen overnight.  And he has a lot to learn.

Britta is the love that Griff pushed away.  There is a lot of reasons why Griff did what he did but Britta now wants to protect herself and her son.  She doesn’t want to put herself in the same position to get hurt again.  Plus so much time has passed that old wounds have festered and she doesn’t know how they can heal.

Keeley and Maxon also give great advice to Griff, especially Keeley.  She is a force to be reckoned with.  She gives Griff something he desperately needs, a friend.  She is that ear that all of us need from time to time and she isn’t afraid to tell Griff that his is being stupid.

I love this book!!! It has all the elements that takes you on an emotional rollercoaster.  I really adored Griff.  Make no mistake, he is an arsehole but he had a chance to look inside himself to become something more than his father.  I understand Britta in the way that she didn’t want to put her heart on the line again and just so much time had passed.

I also really love how music is weaved throughout this story and series.  I can tell how important music is to Shayla Black.  She is really knowledgable and her playlist is amazing and fits perfectly to the mood and tone of the book.

We also get some insight about Harlow and the man she is about to marry. The bothers are already expressing their thoughts.  I can’t wait!!!

More Than Need You

My Rating:  

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Home Tears

By Tijan


Dani’s survived a lot of sh*t storms.
Her mother died. Her two sisters loathed her. One aunt hated her. The other was strangely distant, but the worst storm—being dumped by her childhood best friend/high school boyfriend/first love for her younger sister.
There went the one person who was hers and with that, the main reason she stuck around. So, she left for ten years. But now she’s back, and nothing’s the same.
With help from Jonah Bannon, a reformed—kind of—bad boy she remembers from high school, Dani uncovers family secrets that have spanned generations. And along with those, she’s about to face the biggest sh*t storm of her life.
Only this time, she may not survive.

**Full-length standalone**


Home Tears was my kind of story, love a girl returning to her home town to face her demons, lick her wounds, repair her heart and have a second chance at love.  It does have a different feel from other Tijan stories but is was great to read a standalone with plenty of emotion, drama, angst but also have the character heal and her issues be resolved.

Jonah for me was perfect for Dani at this stage of her life, he was an anchor she needed to hold onto for stability and to stop the flow against her.  Dani was losing control and it was interesting to see her return to the start of her troubles and face what she walked away from.

The family dynamic, secrets and hidden moments I devoured and there were some wonderful characters such as Mae.  The history of this family amongst the women whether they were sisters, mothers, daughters and grandmothers was a great tale woven with hurt and love.  It had me guessing who these men were that these women fell in love with and made multiple mistakes with and it was just riveting to see each generation make the same mistakes.  Would this young generation follow in their footsteps?  It was definitely interesting to follow the two sisters left being Dani and Julia.

I love how in a small town people know what you are doing before you are even thinking about it, the humour amongst these old school friends and the change in power kept me entertained.

Jake, Boone and Jonah, what more can I say about these alpha men, they definatly kept Dani on her toes.  I actually admit I was immediately a team Boone fan but then Jonah slipped under the radar and I was hoping he would be Dani HEA.

I loved especially the last few chapters, Erica’s final words and the Epilogue was perfect.

Home Tears is a wonderful story of a girl leaving home and returning a woman and finally finding her peace, strength and in the end creating family connections.

Quote:  I’m a walker That’s what I do. I walk away.

Home Tears

My Rating:  

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Cruel Water (Portland ME #2)

By Freya Barker


Innocence marked her…

Violation crippled her…

Love left her raw…

The life she carefully rebuilt is challenged when she is confronted with the sins from her past. The carefully applied protection is at once ripped away, leaving her exposed and vulnerable.

Her single night of indulgence with the silver-eyed stranger is only the beginning. He sees right to the heart of her and she is unable to ward off emotions that have been deeply buried. With the sting of betrayal still fresh in her soul, she’s surprised to find herself opening up to the honest integrity of the sharp-eyed, rough-looking biker.

When he lost everyone who mattered, he was left without roots and learned to be content simply living in the moment. Completely unprepared for the feisty blonde bartender with old pain marring her clear-blue eyes, he questions his own rules of detachment, as she unwittingly finds a way under his skin.

Appearances deceive and when the masks fall away, revealing deep, dark secrets, there is nothing left but to hang onto each other and survive the storm


Could Cruel Water being #2 of the Portland ME Series be just as good as From Dust #1?

Yes most definitely it was and I can only believe that the next two books will just cement this series as one you would read again and again.  Firstly before you pick this up you MUST read From Dust, not linked but there is a timeline and you will not want to ruin surprises in the storyline.  So I am very happy that characters in From Dust definitely make a return in this next instalment and they develop more, particularly Tim and Dino.

The whole Portland ME Series is one amazing emotional roller coaster with each book obviously touching on some hard real life issues but told in an open and realistic way, it is not sugar coated, it can be dark and dirty but it is about repairing yourself.

Viv’s story is told with such dignity, it is real, she is still a passionate and headstrong woman but she is as fragile as glass and it was incredible to see how she could just shatter to pieces, my heart broke for her.

Now onto her brothers reactions which were varied and I think probably reflected a true and very honest response.  The way her brothers processed their own feelings about how they let their only sister down was a really integral part of this story.  The author did not soften the edges, it was raw and in your face, it made me sad, angry and I felt the loneliness and despair of Viv so much I could barely breathe at some moments, my chest hurt with sadness.

The moulding of Viv as a young child is so true, it does happen and Freya is spot on with the “conditioning” and “getting clean” part of this storyline – gave me goosebumps.

I could continue to rave about this story but I am scared to reveal too much – it is simply amazing – another wonderful journey of finding your true love and having them accept you.

You will have an incredibly hard journey with Viv but the rewards at the end are truly worth the rocky waves you will travel.

Quote:  That dirt is not yours, it never was And if they made you dirty – I will make you clean

Cruel Water (Portland ME #2)

My Rating:  

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Wolf Hunt (SWAT#6)

By Paige Tyler


Remy Boudreaux is back in his hometown, New Orleans. He’s there with three of his fellow Dallas SWAT officers for a week of training with the NOLA PD. On the eve of a tropical storm, Remy and his buddies prowl the French Quarter. One tantalizing scent captures Remy’s senses, forcing him to follow until he is face to face with Triana Bellamy—his beautiful high school crush.

After reconnecting, Remy and Triana are close—very. Remy struggles to keep things casual. Ever since his partner—and first love—was killed on the job, he’s kept women at a distance.

But when a mysterious wolf pendant ropes them both into danger, Remy’s protective instincts kick in. He may have to reveal his true self…and hope Triana accepts him.


I was really excited to read Wolf Hunt.  This seres has really grown on me.  Remy is an interesting character.  He had a traumatic transition into his werewolf life that had him swearing off falling in love.  It left him emotionally unable to move to a new relationship. Triana is an old friend that now looks like she could be “the one.”

I could really sympathize for Remy.  He truly felt love for another woman that had him believing that he would never fall in love again.  But I wanted to slap him more than once.  He doesn’t want to hurt Triana but he can’t see having a future with her. He has to find a way to get over his past and move on to his future.

Triana is head strong and independent.  She has her own secrets and there is a mystery revolving around her father’s brutal murder.  And even though the case is cold she will not give up on trying to find justice for him.  I also love the fact that she has her own reservations about the relationship but even though she doesn’t know about “the one” she feels a bond that she cannot turn away from.

Paige Tyler decided to take the SWAT team out of Dallas for Wolf Hunt and send them to New Orleans, which is one of my favorite places.  This made for a great location and added some more revelations for Remy and the other members of the pack. They must somehow help take down a drug dealer that also has secrets of his own.  Paige added tons of actions and suspense to this novel and I couldn’t put down the book in the last fight scene.

I still love the idea of “the one” and look forward to the continuation of these series.

Wolf Hunt

My Rating:  5 Hearts

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From Dust (Portland ME Book 1)

By Freya Barker


Pain punished her.

The bottle numbed her.

Guilt kept her trapped.

In the dark alley of a pub, the words “Please don’t” take hold of her heart and break the silence she seeks. Thinking herself beyond redemption, she tentatively grabs on to the slim thread of hope that unfolds inside of her.

Holding her secrets close, she can’t resist the comforting draw coming from The Skipper. The unconditional friendships it offers, the protective roof it provides, and the spark that its owner ignites in her—melting the frost off her heart, and slowly stripping away her resistance.

His life flows from one crisis to the next. Under the pressure of competition crowding him out of his family’s pub and the need to protect his children from the ruins of a bad marriage, he barely breathes. That is until a mane of strawberry-blonde hair and a set of big, pale blue eyes, shake him up.

He never expected the shadow of a woman he finds on the floor of his washroom to bring him the air―the balance and the light he’s been missing.

**Due to some content of a sexually explicit nature, this book is recommended for a mature audience only.**


From Dust, I thoroughly enjoyed this amazing and very emotional read.  You are taken into a place of utter desperation, loneliness and heartache but then you are given amazing moments of love, family and putting darkness into perspective.  The growth and change in Syd from the first chapter to the last chapter was full of inspiration and just pure joy.  When she reconnects with her old life in a particularly emotional section, it was done in such a highly respectful way by the author.

From Dust is just a beautifully written story of a woman finding her second chance at love, family and friendship. Syd is strong however at the start you may not think so but again the author has me immediately connecting with her on a level that a woman does, you want to see her find her light again.

Now onto the main man being Gunna, well if you have read “Sweet Dreams” by Kristen Ashley and love Tate then you are in for a real treat.  As soon as I read the first few chapters with Gunna well all I could think about was how can I be so lucky to find another story with a god dam hot headed bar owner who is a most amazing man when he falls in love, both in bed and out and is a fierce protector of the people he loves.

Viv and Dino were great supporting characters for Syd and then Gunna’s children, well they just brought tears to my eyes and provided moments of light relief from the main story line.

As I drew to the end of Syd’s journey I simply did not want to leave this amazing woman and the new family she had created.  When you get to that last chapter and Gunna gives Syd the recognition of her past as she begins to move forward well as I write this I have tears forming again.

From Dust is my second book by this author and upon finishing I immediately went and purchased Cruel Water (Portland ME Book 2) which is Viv’s story and I cannot wait to lose myself again.

All books in this series are available.

Quote:  Locking yourself away will only turn you to dust. This I know for a fact because I came from dust

From Dust (Portland ME Book 1)

My Rating:  

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Shadow Reaper (The Shadow Series #2)

By Christine Feehan


Billionaire playboy Ricco Ferraro knows no other life. Being a shadow rider is in his blood—but so is a haunting desperation stemming from the secrets of his dark past. His recklessness puts not only his life at risk, but also the future of his entire family. To save them all, he must find a woman who can meet his every desire with a heat all her own…

Just when Ricco has given up hope, he meets her—a mysterious woman whose shadow connects with his. She’s someone looking for a safe haven from the danger that has stalked her over the last several months. In Ricco’s embrace, she finds one. But the darkness in which they so often find sanctuary can also consume them…


I loved this book from beginning to end.  Christine Feehan has a unique way of drawing you in and capturing your attention.  I could barely put this book down to sleep.  It had me guessing and every time I thought I had it all figured out the characters threw something else at me.

Ricco was everything I thought he would be.  Everyone thought he was a reckless playboy that only had eyes for fast women and fast cars but there was so much more to him.  In book #1 (Shadow Rider) Stefano warns him of his ways and what might happen if he did meet the one woman that he was supposed to be with for the rest of his life.  He has his secrets that he has keep from his family. As everything starts to come out that’s when all hell breaks loose.

Mariko is perfect for Ricco.  She is mysterious and in the beginning she had me guessing at every turn.  I love her appearance of innocence and honesty. She gives something to Ricco that no one else can.  She also has many secrets and there is also a mystery that she is unaware of.

I love this family.  Once a Ferraro has taken you in they are going to protect you till the end.  Stefano, of course, still serves as the head of the family and offers support to everyone even when they don’t ask for it.  The bothers are extremely protective and Emmanuelle is the sister that everyone wishes for.  This family has made this neighborhood it’s own community and they will protect everyone in it.  This book has so many good scenes in it and a particularly good battle and I can’t wait for the next installment.

Shadow Reaper

My Rating: 5 Hearts 

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