A Shameless Little Bet (Shameless #3)

By Meli Raine


How do I prove a negative?

I need to prove Jane is innocent, despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

Mirrors, smoke, and lies can conjure a truth that isn’t real. Money, bribes, and power can twist reality. What we call proof is all an elaborate magic act.

So is love.

How do you prove you’re in love? How can you know with unrelenting certainty that the person you can’t live without really loves you?

It’s all about what you believe. Who you believe. And I believe Jane. I love her. But it might be too late.

Or, worse – it might all be an illusion. If proof is just a magician’s sleight of hand, then we’re caught in a sick trick.

A deadly one.

One that doesn’t end with applause.

But with a bang.

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The trilogy is complete!


A Shameless Little Bet has brilliantly completed this series.  This final installment has answered all my thoughts on not only Jane & Silas but also Lindsay & Drew.

In a Shameless Little Bet,  Jane’s emotional state continues to unravel yet she begins to trust her instincts more. Lindsay and Jane both became stronger and determined together to find answers.

This final installment is a major read, it has revelations that have always been there.  Throughout this series, I have questioned characters and motives for which I am glad to have been answered.  It is strange how characters up front and center whom I dismissed have come back to play.

I never guessed all the final outcomes, who would have thought we would come this far from A Harmless LIttle Game.  I loved the way the author completed this story, we are given happiness and contentment and above all else peace and silence for Jane & Lindsay.

A Shameless Little Bet (Shameless #3)

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