The Other Brother (Snow and Ash Book 3)

By Heather Knight



A political marriage to the young brother of the famous General Barry, a leader known for his ruthless brutality, is the last thing nineteen year-old Bianca Mason wants. But an alliance with these men will keep her father’s citizens safe from the endless Barry raids and be another step toward the return of modern civilization. Unfortunately, Bianca puts the entire treaty in jeopardy when she confesses a traumatic personal secret to her intended groom, and he refuses the marriage. Desperate to keep the peace, she gratefully accepts when another brother steps in to take his place.

Kent, the other Barry brother, is known for his strong leadership ability, fair treatment of his troops, and brilliant military strategy. He is also a known for his burn-scarred face and his reputation as a sadist. When confronted with the disintegration of a much-needed treaty, he grudgingly steps in and marries Bianca, a girl traumatized by long-ago assault who doesn’t like to be touched.

Kent must teach Bianca, as only he can, how to surrender herself fully, trust in him completely, and become the woman he needs. Only then can they both find happiness.

This dark romance novel contains mature situations and sensitive subject matter, and contains triggers some readers may find discomforting. It is a work of fiction and is intended for adult readers 18 and older.


Shattered beyond belief and I am shaking, cannot put into words, I do not think my review will put justice to how much I devoured this but here goes. Bianca is such an amazing character, she is this story pure and simple, the trauma she suffered before being placed in an arranged marriage and then to go on and become this woman who can trust again – brilliant. This story surprised me, gripped me, made me shudder and have pure fear and terror for Bianca and then to follow her journey, even now I am still in disbelief. The way the author carried Bianca through different physical and mental scenes was beyond brilliant.
I have not read any of the other Fire and Ash books and it did not affect my understanding.
This book was so sensual and dominating, had amazing sexual scenes that were erotic but then had some really dark romantic and physically horrific scenes so you have been warned – I loved them as I love dark stuff that makes me shudder.
The ending was healing, Bianca finds peace in her life, the understanding of other characters and what she needed. I could not come to accept other characters and their actions to what happened to Bianca, I was glad we were given closure and answers – well expect for Tish?
Wonderful standalone dark erotic romantic tale – I would give more than 5 starts if I could.

Quote: “He grabs a handful and tugs me where he wants me, and his lips suck, his teeth bite, and his tongue glides.  My neck is his playground and I am his slave”

The Other Brother (Snow and Ash Book 3)

My Rating: 5 Hearts

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