The Sun And The Moon (Giving You… # 1)

By Leslie McAdam

BR The Sun And The Moon


She follows all the rules. 

He’s going to teach her how to break them. 

After a heartbreaking tragedy, successful attorney Amelia Crowley has numbed herself to the pleasures of life, clinging to a specific set of rules, finding strength in order and organization. When she meets easy going surfer Ryan Fielding, that organized life is turned upside down by a sea of washboard abs and sun-kissed hair. 

Sexy and charismatic, Ryan looks for pleasure however he can find it in an effort to silence his own inner demons. Until Amelia crashed into his life the only thing he chased was the next wave. Refusing to break their connection and determined to break through her carefully crafted walls, Ryan sets out to throw out every rule in her book and show Amelia that pleasure can’t be planned. 

Can Amelia let Ryan take the lead or will she cling to her rules and wipe out their chance at love?


I hate saying this, especially when it’s an author’s debut novel, but I just wasn’t feeling this book.  I don’t know if the problem was with me, or maybe I just wasn’t in the mood, so I put it down to come back to it later.  But after doing that a few times and still not connecting with the story or its characters by the 44% mark, I decided it was time for me to move on.  Most of the story up to that point was Amelia’s inner monologue narrating to the reader, and when Amelia and Ryan do talk, it sounded too clinical, too formal, and not natural at all.  Maybe the story would have gotten better-it has great ratings on Amazon and Goodreads-but I just don’t have it in me to try and find out.

The Sun And The Moon (Giving You… # 1)

My Rating:  1 Heart

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