StepSister Devotion Part One

By Eve Cates

step stister

StepSister Devotion is a real, honest, in depth and emotional account of a forbidden romance between a step sister and step brother.  Seb and Abigail have literally been devoted to each other since their parents married each other, not physically but emotionally nurturing each other through their teenage years.

I enjoyed how it was told from Seb, the step brother’s perspective, how I would have loved though for a few chapters to be written from Abigail’s point of view in critical parts of the story, I think that would have helped me connect with her on  a deeper level, perhaps that is to come in the next book?  I desperately wanted to know how utterly torn she was about Seb and the life she is destined and expected to lead her family.

Seb was quite a reflective and a sensitive soul obviously coming from his musical ability and his strong connection to his mother and his desperate need for affection from his weak father.  We really do not find much out about Abigail and her expectations until the end and what a punch in the gut to Seb.  I found her character a bit cold, I did not feel her depth of inner love for Seb so perhaps I have not warmed enough to her.  I am in Sebs corner to go out and find his place in life and show his father, stepmother and Abigail what he is truly capable of as a man and human being.

Fair warning there is no HEA at the end of this first book but I did not feel unhappy about that as I am eagerly now awaiting the next installment.   With the amount of emotion in this book I am glad the author kept it honest and real, not everything in life is secured by the time you turn 18 years old.    So many current step sibling books have a quick happy ending and I really believe this series is only going to get better as it evolves.

Seb’s dad is a character I am looking forward to understanding and learning more about, he must have a story there and well Abigail’s mother is just an absolute bitch and I so want Seb to show particularly her how amazing he is.

As both characters are only 18 I did not get the erotic sexual hot and heavy connection I have with other stepsibling romances of late but thinking this series will probably heat up in the coming books.  Having said that the sexual scenes were written well and were loving considering the emotional connection these two are fighting.

I also wish this first book was a bit longer.

StepSister Devotion

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