My Forever (The Infinite Love Series)

By Kira Adams

My Forever

My Forever took myself a long time to get through and I am sorry to say I really pushed to finish this.  On reading the acknowledgements at the end of the book I wish I had read this first it may have helped me understand the basis of this story.

The whole teenage drama about true love, cheating on each other to find out you really do love each other and endless angst just wore me down in the end.  The loss, depression and family breakups just wore me down and then other parts we skimmed over especially their last year at school but then I suppose we needed to do that to get to their resolutions for going into adulthood.

In Learning to Live I loved Madalynne and Parker and the part they played with Ciera and Topher so I was so excited to read their stories but it just did not flow right for me.

I can say though the book improved when we found ourselves in Hawaii and thank god we got some resolutions for all parties concerned.  I now know why we went that path as two of this books characters now form the next story.

If you love young adult teenage drama with love triangles and cheating then you will love this – make sure you read Learning to Live though as that is pure brilliance by Kira Adams and you get to meet Parker and Madalynne there too.

My Forever (The Infinite Love Series)

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