Kingpin (An Italian Mafia Romance #1)

By W S Greer



Alannah Sullivan met Dominic Collazo when she was only in the fifth grade. She knew him when the other kids called him names and made fun of his over-sized facial features. She knew him when he was a shy introvert with a quick temper. She knew him when he was first introduced to the mob lifestyle by his father, a made man in the St. Louis mafia. Alannah knew Dominic before anybody could see his potential, and she fell in love with him when she was just a teenager… just in time for her family to pack up and move away from the city and the boy she loved.

But, Alannah is back now, and after ten long years, Dominic Collazo is all grown up. No longer the quiet loner, Dominic is larger than life, and every woman’s fantasy. He’s a rich casino owner with the looks of a Greek god, and an alpha male persona to die for. He’s also a captain in the notorious Giordano crime family.

When the two of them meet again in the lobby of Lumiere Place Casino & Hotel, Alannah has no idea that her second chance with Dominic will also be her biggest curse. As drama immediately ensues and bullets start to fly, Alannah has to ask herself if Dominic is worth all the trouble that comes with him.

Would you risk everything to be with the love of your life, even if he’s the mafia’s newest KINGPIN?


OK I love Mafia Romance, have read quite a few in fact, this was a bit of hit and miss for me.

What I loved about this – great Mafia story, had all the family history and power plays and we followed Dominic and Alannah growing into teenagers. Dominic was one handsome and brutal man with a strong presence physically upon the pages of this story. You could feel his passion for life as a Mafia man with no apologies to anyone for how he lives his life.

What I kind of missed in this story for me is that there was simply not enough sexual chemistry/tension between them. Dominic was a strong and powerful man, I needed to feel that passion upon the pages between them – we were given great glimpses from the author when they had dinner together and when they had passionate sex as adults. To me we had so much of the Mafia Story and not enough romance and passion, I suppose after the way their younger years were so well written I needed the love story.

Don’t get me wrong I really enjoyed reading this but I was just left a little hot under the collar so to speak as the romance was a bit lacking for me.

The ending obviously gives us a glimpse that his role within the Mafia is perhaps still evolving.

Kingpin (An Italian Mafia Romance #1)

My Rating:  3 Hearts

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