Tamed (Billionaires & Bohemians Book 1)

By Linnea May


The more that stands between us, the more I want her.

Love isn’t something I’m capable of feeling, but if a marriage is what it takes to become my father’s successor and save my family’s fortune from ruin, then it’ll have to be arranged.

However, I have a reputation and for good reason. I can’t be tamed. My despicable bride-to-be couldn’t care less about it. This is all for show. It’s a marriage of convenience for her. I just need to play it safe until the wedding is over.

But then she shows up. The cute pianist, hired to play at my engagement party. Shy, innocent and virtuoso – off limits and impossible for me to claim. She’s a sweet risk and a challenge like no other. Her weak attempts at fending me off only fuel my greedy hunger.

She’ll be mine. Even if that means putting everything I’ve worked for on the line.


Simply loved this story, it is beautiful, erotic and I could not put it down.  This is my second story by this author, I have read Silent Daughter that she co-wrote and again I have another fantastic story with lots of emotion, passion and tingle in your tummy sex scenes.

You can connect easily to the two main characters as we get both POV and I loved the interaction between Kingston and Elodie.  She definitely Tamed Kingston as she simply wanted nothing from him, she was pure and hard working and you can easily see why cynical Kingston fell for her.

One of my favourite characters was Kingston’s mother Mrs Abrams, she definitely influenced  key points in their love story.  I actually loved how she took Elodie under her wing like a mother would a daughter.

The erotic sex scenes are really well written and highly enjoyable.

One character that was weird for me was her ex “friend with benefits” Benjamin as I thought he would cause more damage as it was implied but in the end he was pretty insignificant to the overall story.

Favourite part for me was the Engagement party and I loved how this did not get overly ugly between Kingston and Gloria.  The Epilogue ties up all the loose ends is a beautifully romantic way and I do wonder if we will have a story on his brother and perhaps see more of where Kingston and Elodie?

Tamed (Billionaires & Bohemians Book 1)

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