Knight Takes Queen (All or Nothing #3)

By C C Gibbs


Prolong the pleasure . . . the breathtaking final installment of the Knight trilogy has finally arrived

Katherine Hart has come a long way from the day she accepted a position as codebreaker for Knight Enterprises, glittering domain of playboy CEO Dominic Knight.

With his wicked reputation, nobody could have imagined Dominic Knight sated by just one woman . . . until green-eyed Katherine captured his sole fascination, and stirred his fiercest desire.

Now, newly pregnant with his child, Kate has never been so pampered, nor so very, very satisfied. But when tragedy strikes and Dominic and Kate are forced to reassess, the lovers must ask themselves if such pleasure is ultimately worth the pain.


I really loved the series All or Nothing – Dominic and Katherine definitely are two characters that provide a simply erotic and highly emotional love story – just beautiful and what a journey we have been taken on – never a dull moment!

Out of all three books this is my favourite, the emotional tug of war these two characters go through in order to find their happy ever after is simply heart breaking.  I loved how Nana was brought into the story even more and her support for Katherine was lovely.

Dominic has some real hurdles to overcome and poor Katherine has to fight to have her dream and I did struggle with one scene where he locked themselves away for the “three week plan”, I actually did not like Dominic at this point in the book.

No matter how much money they have at the start of this book their happiness is taken from them in a most dreadful way and I was overcome with such emotion for Katherine.

I did find Dominic over the top over protective when it came to Katherine and her pregnancy but then some inner part of me remembers that is his way, Katherine is only 22 and so young.

I keep telling myself that Dominic is a very cynical character and then way he cocoons her into his life is a beautiful thing in the end and they do get their HEA.

Knight definitely takes his Queen and they give it All or Nothing to have their family – I was so happy for them.

Knight Takes Queen (All or Nothing #3)

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