Silent Daughter

By Stella Noir & Linnea May


“I am going to break you. 
I am going to free that little monster inside of you, peel off every barrier of protection – and reassemble a new you.

Moving back home after graduating college was not the plan, but I have nowhere else to go. For now, I have to live in my family’s unpleasant company, secretly fleeing to the darkest corners of my mind when I am alone.
They are right to keep me at distance. There is obviously something wrong with me. Me, the bad seed.
I am invisible.
To everyone but him.
However, even my darkest fantasies never took me where I am now. Robbed of my freedom, my clothes and control over my decisions.
I am his captive. Confined in a gilded cage laced with pleasure.

I made it to the top. In a world divided into us and them, I have become one of them. This is who I am, where I belong, among the rich & powerful. I am used to getting what I want – and I know I want her from the moment I see her. Elizabeth Barrington. That quiet but strong fairy, waiting to be broken. She may not understand it herself, but her eyes are begging for me to take her.
So I will.
She didn’t think I would go this far, but here she is. Collared and chained to the bed, completely at my mercy.
Mine to keep, mine to train, mine to please.
But Liz is unlike any other sub I have trained before.
She is dangerous.

**This is a Dark Romance with themes of kidnapping, captivity & steamy BDSM scenes. Intended for audiences 18+ & not for the faint-hearted. Contains situations some readers might find objectionable.**nsert Synopsis Here


Silent Daughter was one simply dark, dangerous, dirty and down right delicious read.  I could pick this up again as I was not ready to leave Leonard and Liz because I want to know their future.

One of my favourite parts of this book was the fact we get dual POV which enables you to connect to both characters as this is a highly emotional read.  The sexual BDSM scenes are highly erotic and some of the most intense I have read in a long time – truly satisfying and give you all those tingles and stomach turns you read dark romance novels for.

Silent Daughter Liz is ignored and ridiculed by her family for being different, wanting an education over an arranged marriage. The way this is written you immediately connect to her on an emotional level and could see how she could be intrigued by Leonard when she first meets him.  Leonard and Liz are outsiders in a world of money and privilege who have deep dark secret needs.

Leonard peels away the layers of Liz, at the start this is a mind and physical game for him but it is riveting to see how the dynamic in their relationship changes over the course of the book.  Leonard frees the Silent Daughter, he enable Liz to escape from the guilded cage that is her life and encourages her to be herself and acknowledge her different needs.

Whilst I devoured the darkness, emotional and physical erotic scenes of this story, the ending provided me with romance and new beginnings and gave me the lightness of love.

Quote: He isn’t normal, and neither am I. We are perfect for each other.

Silent Daughter

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