Keepers (Canaan Island #2)

By Meg Collett


Stevie Reynolds was a buzz-worthy reality star before moving to Canaan Island to escape Los Angeles and her fame-hungry parents. But not all her demons, like her penchant for wine and bad decisions, are escapable.

Completely broke and fresh out of rehab after her DUI, Stevie gets an offer from her hotshot LA ex to star in his home renovation show with Canaan’s favorite son, Cade Cooper. Stevie returns to the reality business for Cade, who’s relying on the show to help pay for his mother’s cancer treatments.

Stevie refuses to break Cade’s sensitive heart, but she can’t keep herself from falling for his kind smile and easy laugh. When the producers push her to risk her shaky sobriety and Cade’s credibility for the sake of ratings, Stevie is ready to quit—until her ex threatens to reveal an intimate secret from her past.

If her secret is leaked, Stevie will lose everything she loves on Canaan Island, including Cade.

(Each book in the Canaan Island series can be read as a stand-alone)


In my opinion you need to read this series in order to fully appreciate the wonderful female characters that Meg Collett delivers in the Canaan Island Series.

Stevie in Keepers was brilliant, her desire for a second chance at not only love but her life was a journey I was looking forward to.  Meeting Stevie in Fakers (Canaan Island #1) which was Kyra’s story well I believe Stevie still shone brightly and you just knew her story would be hard but rewarding.

This story is fast paced and centres around a TV show which provides for some drama and intense moments and Stevie knows how to work the environment from her growing up in the TV world.

Keepers gives your an action packed ending and I was on the edge of my seat wondering  who would have Stevie’s back, would she find love and would her friends stand by her?

Cade, well what can I say, he was a beautiful character in Fakers and he did not disappoint in Keepers and I was surprised how strong a man he really was, he definitely stepped up and was the man that Stevie needed.  Their sex scenes were hot and passionate and the physical attraction between the two was really well written.

I cannot wait to see what is in store for these two and can I say I was so happy to see how Kyra and Hale were continuing on in their relationship and I did do a happy dance at the end.

Now onto book 3 which is Violet’s story, we briefly met her in Fakers but she played a bigger part in Stevie’s success at love in Keepers.  I am simply beside myself to know all about Violet as she is an intriguing character with so much mystery, her physical secrets along with her family history on the Island.  Will Cade and Hale help her to save and repair her beautiful home?

This whole series in my opinion would make an amazing TV Show including all the characters from the town and the street where Stevie and Kyra live – one can dream!

Keepers (Canaan Island #2)

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