Fakers (Canaan Island #1)

By Meg Collett


Kyra Aberdeen is a YouTube sensation. Her bubbling personality and fresh beauty capture her audience each week, but they don’t know the truth-she’s just faking it. Beneath the surface of light-hearted smiles is a simmering darkness threatening to pull Kyra under.

When Kyra moves to Canaan Island and buys her deceased mother’s childhood home, she hopes to confront the lurking shadows haunting her every step. But when she meets her grumpy contractor, even her best-laid plans start to unravel.

Hale Cooper is as brutally honest as he is intriguing. He hates fakers, and isn’t afraid to call Kyra on her false personality. Yet, she is drawn to him, and the unexpected attraction to a man who challenges her to be her true self lands her in unchartered waters.

But if she lowers her guard and allows herself to be honest with Hale, will the darkness creep in too?

*This book is recommended for mature readers due to some sexual content and language. Cutting is represented in this book, and scenes may be considered triggering to some.*


Fakers has one of the best group of characters I have read in a long time and I can honestly say this story is more than just Kyra and Hale, it has Stevie and Cade along with all the eccentric residents of Canaan Island.

Upon finishing Fakers I immediately downloaded book 2 Keepers which is Stevie’s story.

As I began highlighting favourite paragraphs because they touched my soul and gave me tingles it told me I am reading a beautiful love story and Faker’s did not disappoint.

The friendship between Stevie and Kyra was beautiful as was Kyra’s story of finding her home and a connection to her mother.  Kyra’s background story with her grandmother and mother is heartbreaking but also immensely gripping and it is not finished – what is in her mother’s diary? Will her grandmother give Kyra’s mother a beautiful gravesite with light and flowers?

One character who showed he is more than just alpha hotness is Hale, he stepped up at the end of this book and he is my hero.  The love, compassion and instinct in pushing Kyra to open up gives an amazing depth to this story.

I love the new covers of this series with the weatherboard houses.  Faker’s covers some deep and emotional issues, it is done with compassion however it has so many moments of humour and lightness that it does repair your heart.

I am in love with this story, it’s residents and it’s location, I cannot wait to start book 2!

Quote: “We just cope the best way we know how, but its not the best way, because it hurts us. So we have to learn a new way, a better way. Because we deserve the happiness we fake.”

Fakers (Canaan Island #1)

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