Barred (Billionaires & Bohemians Book 2)

By Linnea May


She may have good reason to stand clear of men like me.
But I will make her mine.
I am my own man. I’ve always done things differently, and I’m sure as hell not going to end up like my brother – tamed and chained up to one woman.

This won’t change, even when that petite ballerina stumbles into my arms like a helpless deer.

Sara may embody the pure and innocent swan on stage, but this blue eyed doll can’t hide the little nymph she really is. I crave her lithe and lissom body like no other.

She’s scared and careful, always keeping me at arm’s length – which makes me want her even more.

This little swan will dance just for me.

*** This steamy Romance is aimed at audiences 18+. Full length novel with no cliffhangers and a HEA ending.


Barred was another great love story in the Billionaire & Bohemians series.  I loved book 1 Tamed and Barred although following a similar romantic journey still had differences to keep me glued to the pages and reading this in a day, I could not put it down.

Billionaires & Bohemians Series (Tamed and Barred) gives the reader both beautiful love stories. The way these two brothers have fallen in love with artistic and compassionate women who are so far removed from their lives but bring so much with them to the individual relationships of these two brothers is excellent.  All characters to me evolve and grow as their romantic relationships do and I loved that, it’s like these women show the brothers the other side of privileged life.

I would have loved to had a chapter with Lux’s mother meeting Sara as she was a favourite character of mine from Tamed Book 1 and intricate to the first love story.  I am so sure Lux’s mother would have been all over Sara being the woman her son would eventually marry.

The sensual erotic scenes between Lux and Sara are beautifully written and the tug of war Lux has with his business and how he encourages Sara in her career was an excellent side story to their romance.

It was also wonderful to see Elodie and Kingston again in this story.  I do hope we get another story with these brothers and their wives embarking on the next stage of their lives together perhaps all in New York and Lux repairing his relationship with his parents.

My only complaint it did feel rushed at the end but I was also not ready to let Lux and Sara go!

Barred (Billionaires & Bohemians Book 2)

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