Devil on your Back (Butcher Boys #2)

by Max Henry

devil on your back


When all you have left is choice, how do you ensure you make the right one?

I thought that losing my family was the linchpin to my suffering; the thing which would forever hold my head under the dark waters of regret.

But I was wrong … so wrong.

What doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and what threatens us only serves to feed the beast.

My boy is in trouble, and it’s time this father stood up for what he should have a long time ago.

Only, after years of believing I deserved to spend my days alone, punishing myself for the mistakes I made, I’ve finally found the truth—her.

When she needs me as much as my son, how will I decide which path to take? Will I be doomed to forever make the wrong choice?

And will I, once again, lose everything I love and drown in my regret?

My review

The Butcher Boys are fast becoming one of my favourite new series to read, these men and women are strong and passionate,  having hurt in their past and we see them find love, redemption, forgiveness, family and beauty.

We again see Malice and Jane (whom I adored in Butcher Boys #1) however this story is about his dad Vince and a lady called Sonya who also has past hurts and how they help heal each other.  I loved how Sonya was 44 and grappled with the notice she is still attractive considering she has locked herself away emotionally for the past years. Together they both stop listening to the little Devil on their backs and believe the Angel that they are worthy of new love and it’s okay to move on.

This story flowed really well, the emotion of these two characters was believable as we are taken from the past to the present.  I found myself at the end of book 1 not particularly enamoured with Vince as Malice was my champion after rescuing Jane but after learning of how Malice’s mum passed I wanted his dad to have his son back but also find love again and not be lonely.

We learn more about Malice and Vince’s history, we also now see more of King, Carlos and the other characters and witness old love, new love and attractions evolving which means more books!

The interesting part of this series so far is that we are being given hints of information that will link to the next books of the series so we can find out more details.  The suspenseful side stories around the biker club and drug deals are being subtley intwined with the romance and stories of new love and second chances – My god I love these Butcher Boys!!

My rating: 5 Hearts

Devil on your Back (Butcher Boys #2)  


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