Fortuitous (Anabella Summers Book 1)

by Krystal White


Fortuitous (Anabella Summers Book 1)

Anabella Summers was a typical seventeen years old. She was happy, popular, smart and was thinking about graduation and which college she would go to. Then one Saturday night her parents were killed in a fetal crash and she felt like the colors were sucked away from the world.
Devastated, she asked her older sister to allow her to move in with her in the hopes of starting over in a new place away from all the memories that were consuming her.

My Review

This little Novella is the first book I have read of this authors work so for Lulu that is a nice afternoons read and I was given a copy by the author.  I admit I did not realise it is a Novella size and I do have a love/hate relationship with Novellas as I love detail, detail, detail in my romance and I generally feel rushed when reading a Novella.

Firstly, the sex scenes were really well written and the interactions Bella has with various characters such as in the pool, lift and at her home I did find really intriguing and will have me picking up book 2 to find out where they all lead to – so many questions?

So with Fortuitous the characters and plot was interesting and how I wish it was a full length novel as I wanted more information on all the numerous people we are introduced to.  It is probably going to be my issue for this whole series if they are all around the 100 pages, so many men in this first book and so little time knowing them.

I am intrigued by Anabella as a character however I truly think she would have made more sense being a college student and not a 17 year old  high school girl as to me she seems to have adapted to the death of her parents along with finding out her boyfriend cheated on her and then being a virgin and giving it away to a complete stranger on the day he tattoos her – weird for me?

Perhaps she is  just a well rounded and has a strong inner belief and she is given pretty free reign by her sister sleeping at a strange guys house not long into moving in with her?  I can understand why her sisters boyfriend was getting a bit antsy and then also he freaks me out a bit, I find him a bit sleezy, perhaps just me.

I am dying to know about the two brothers who have moved into Marcus’s building, also Michael I think will cause trouble in book two, I actually am feeling more connection with Bella and her friend Slade than her and Marcus so that is weird.

I think in book two we are going to fly by the seat of our pants with all these men hovering around. I am wondering if some are bad guys waiting to come out and show themselves – Lulu is looking forward to the next instalment that is for sure.

My rating: 4 Hearts

Fortuitous (Anabella Summers Book 1)

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