Stronger With Him

By J A Hensley



After breaking up with her abusive boyfriend, graduate student Rebecca Maio wants a man who is the complete opposite of her ex. When she meets her sexy new neighbor, Becca finds herself irresistibly drawn to the powerful and compassionate man.

Agent Colin Schaefer’s in town for an investigation and needs to stay focused on his job, but he can’t ignore the beautiful girl next door. For the first time in his life, the elusive man wants more with a woman, but he can’t shake the feeling that Rebecca also needs his protection.

Is their love strong enough to survive the secrets they’re both bound to uncover? Or will her past and his job tear them apart?

This novel is intended for readers 18+ due to explicit and hot sex scenes and adult situations. If you love these kinds of things, then please, read on!


This is my second book by this author and I really enjoyed this story, we got both POV of main characters along with suspense, humour and passionate scenes.  Colin definitely helped Becca to be Stronger With Him.

So Colin and Becca are two great characters and I easily connected with them.  I actually found Becca’s two friends a bit annoying at the beginning of this book but they kind of grew on me by the end and when it counted they stood up for her and were the friends she needed.

I struggled with the kidnapping chapters, I felt it was rushed and all of a sudden they found her and it was all over red rover.  I needed some deeper build up with Ron and Becca and I also found some characters in the book just disappeared where I felt they could have added further dimension to the story.  For instance with Adam the nightclub owner I though he could have been bought further into the story, considering he and Becca had a moment as they say. He could have been involved in Ron’s world or perhaps as an ex uncover agent on Colin’s side of town, it was just something I thought odd and it would have added further depth to the whole undercover/drugs story line with innocent Becca in the middle and all these hot guys wanting her.

I loved how Colin came in and supported Becca in her journey to escape her aggressive boyfriend Ron and their sex scenes were hat and I thoroughly enjoyed them.

Stronger With Him

My Rating: 4 Hearts

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