By Ava Harrison


It was his lips.
The way his stare sent shivers down my spine.
The way his rough voice whispered my name.

So I caved.
I did what I knew I shouldn’t.

But as quickly as he’s there, he’s gone.
Leaving me confused.
I hope I’ll never see him again…

Then I do.

He’s my new boss.
And he has secrets.

*Sordid is a COMPLETE standalone novel.


Sordid had me at the first few chapters with the main reason being Bridget. She simply captured my soul and heart and I wanted her to find happiness and her place in life.

Throughout the romantic journey for Grant and Bridget, I at times became emotional and held such anger and frustration. As they faced many hurdles, I felt literally sick with worry and anticipation of what was around the next corner for these two.

It did take me longer to be in Grant’s corner as he was so angry at the world but when you find out all the secrets, well I wanted him to find peace. At times I could not understand how Grant was functioning from the stress and mind games.  Chelsea is an awful character manipulating Grant and Isabella.

Isabella was such a joy in this story and I loved the moments the author wove her into Sordid. In the end, all the secrets and lies come out and I was surprised. Grant’s brother Spencer was a stand out for me towards the end and how he was the bigger man and helped his brother. I would like to read the story on Spencer and Olivia which is called Clandestine (Expose #2). Some moments in this book may have made more sense if I had read this first and to fully comprehend the deep-seated family issues.

The last few chapters were my favourite with the family members which had me smiling and feeling such relief. I also found the epilogue very satisfying and neatly tied up their story.


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