Pretty as a Peach (Sex and Sweet Tea # 4)

By Juliette Poe


Mainer Farms is steeped in family history, but it’s also deep in debt from the effects of the ever-changing farming industry. Not about to let his family’s legacy go under, Colt Mancinkus is willing to do anything he can to save the farm.

Darby Culhane is the new farmer in Whynot, North Carolina, and she’s proving to be quite the forbidden temptation for Colt. Darby isn’t looking for anything but a fresh start, and she’s got it all figured out. Get settled in? Check. Apply for the rural county grant? Check. Confrontation with the steaming mad, smoking hot local farmer? Well, that wasn’t on the agenda.

As pretty as she is sweet, Colt can’t help but be drawn to Darby’s…peaches. No really, she’s a peach farmer. Get that mind out of the gutter, and get on down to the farm to see what happens when circumstances force Colt and Darby to team up. They may just find that the peach trees aren’t the only things in bloom.


PRETTY AS A PEACH is definitely a sweet addition to the Sex and Sweet Tea series. Darby and Colt are very likable characters who were kind of perfect for one another. Colt became a wonderful father figure to Darby’s daughter Linnie, and Darby seamlessly became a part of Whynot’s tight-knit community very quickly.

PRETTY AS A PEACH is a novella, so the story moves fairly quickly. However, the romance between Darby and Colt is a slow burn. A very slow burn. Usually this bothers me, but I found I didn’t mind it in this case.

PRETTY AS A PEACH is told in dual POVs, comes with a HEA for Darby and Colt, and while it’s part of a series, it can be read as a stand-alone. The previous books had some humorous scenes in them, but the actions of Darby’s husband are slightly disturbing that if there was any humor throughout this story, I don’t remember it. I loved the two encounters between Larkin and the Harley-Davidson riding Deacon Locke, who will get the next book. Larkin is so shy and Deacon is so sure of himself, that I think their story will make for interesting reading.

Pretty as a Peach (Sex and Sweet Tea # 4)

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