Road to Desire (Dogs of Fire #1)

By Piper Davenport

Road To Desire


Danielle Harris is the daughter of an overprotective police chief and has led a sheltered life. As a kindergarten teacher, she’s as far removed from the world of Harleys and bikers as you could get, but when she’s rescued by the sexy and dangerous Austin Carver, her life is changed forever.
Although Austin ‘Booker’ Carver is enamored by the innocent Dani, he tries to keep the police chief’s daughter at arm’s length. But when a threat is made from an unexpected source, he finds himself falling hard and fast for the only woman who can tame his wild heart.
Will Booker be able to find the source of the threat before it’s too late?
Will Dani finally give her heart to a man who’s everything she’s been warned about?

My Review

Dani and Booker’s story is fantastic, I simply loved this romantic tale, if you like Kristen Ashley or Maya Banks you will enjoy this read.  The Biker Club is simply a backdrop to the romantic storyline and although we do see some violence it is pretty mild compared to other biker stories I have read – I was not disappointed as it did not need this to be integral to their romantic journey.

This story flows quickly and we do not dwell on the finer points but we are not denied any hot biker sex or tender moments of an alpha man looking after his babe.

Dani is stubborn, headstrong, quirky but also holding onto a broken heart after having her trust broken.  She is the baby of the family and has the whole older brother and sister high achievers but they are loving and supporting which was enjoyable to read about.  Yes she is naïve in some things in life but I believe she would rather see the good in people over bad.  I would love to be this chicks friend as I think she would be loyal to the bone and have your back always.

We meet many side characters who after finishing this book, I went onto Goodreads and found they have their own stories, I am really interested to read Mack’s story.  I will be continuing on with this series for sure

Road To Desire (Dogs of Fire #1)

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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