Nine Days In Greece


By Kristie Dickinson

I was give a copy of this book by author Kristie Dickinson and this is her first book of the series and first up I have to be totally honest – I do not like the colour & picture of the cover.

There are some fantastic one liners in this book and I bet many women will read this and will go, OMG that is so me!  Like for instance when on the island and Katie has a date and decides to exercise for the two days before to get sex ready – like that makes us more supple, toned and ready for a vigorous night!

The supporting characters on her single holiday tour are actually what kept me reading through the first half of the book as I honestly felt like it was a little too long describing all her daily activities.  I mean I felt as sexually frustrated as she was by the time she was taken by the greek god.  Thank god for the prologue as I knew she was going to get something eventually I just had to keep reading until he had her up against that dam wall.  Thank god for Anthony, he provided some great moments on the holiday trip and was real sweet.

I think I found it hard to connect with Costas for the first part of this story as he really was not in it much and was cold to me, I really thought there was going to be some other random man pop out and provide the hot sex I was waiting for.

The story I think turned the corner from my perspective when she returned home after her second visit to the island and Costas and Katie parted ways, its when I finally felt emotion from Katie in the written words.  I actually  wished we had read more about her relationship with John and then also much more after the engagement and subsequent events leading up to when we fast forward two years later.  I kind of felt robbed as that is what I wanted to read about and also I wanted to perhaps hear from Johns perspective on the relationship as he definitely was more invested and I felt sorry for him in many parts of the book.

Can I say the sex scenes were great and her emotional wrangling within the relationship to who she needed to be with was interesting.  I actually had hoped the age difference would have been settled after her second visit to the island.  I also found the language differences a bit tiresome at some points.  I actually wanted her to be interested in the other guy on the plane?

So if you are looking for a romance story that takes you to the Greek Isles to follow a woman figuring out who she is and what she wants in life then you will enjoy this.

Nine Days in Greece

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