By Ella Col

BR Escape

With her mother on her deathbed, Gabby promises her that she will find a man to fall in love with who will take care of her.  Flash forward a few years and while trying to keep that promise, Gabby has become a runaway bride.  After driving for days and nearly falling asleep at the wheel, she’s pulled over by Ty, Police Sergeant and candidate for Sheriff.  With the nearest hotel over an hour a way, Ty offers Gabby his guest room until she decides what she’s going to do after leaving her fiancé, Phinn.

She finds herself attracted to Ty so she decides to stay.  While Ty wants her there, the rest of the townsfolk don’t, and she quickly learns that she’s truly an outsider in a town that doesn’t like outsiders.  Her presence with Ty angers everyone as the entire town has big plans for him:  Marry Beth and become Sheriff.  Therefore, they hate Gabby on site.

I found the town’s attitude and ensuing drama highly unbelievable.  Beth was a bitch of colossal proportions and yet everyone who witnessed her actions thought that not only was it acceptable, but they were willing to stand up as witnesses in false police reports against Gabby.

Ty came across as a little gutless, especially when it came to defending Gabby.  After witnessing several times how much everyone was against Gabby and the lies they were willing to tell to take her down, he struggles with the position he’s being put in.  He loves Gabby, but she’s affecting his chances of becoming Sheriff.  And when Gabby is arrested, Ty turns his back on her immediately, not believing for a second that Beth’s claims are false.  Don’t get me wrong, he was wicked hot in bed, but outside of the bedroom, nothing else about him was very memorable.

And Gabby felt a little weak to me.  She had her reasons for leaving Phinn, but when she left Ty she went straight back to Phinn, despite the fact that the reasons she left him in the first place remain.  When Ty comes back to get his woman, she forgives him in 60 seconds flat and tells him that she trusts him to stand up for her.

Sadly, the book didn’t evoke any real emotions from me.

Escape is my first novel from Ella Col.  Apart from my issues with the story and characters, the book was well written and I can see that there would be a lot of people out there that would love this book.  It’s a fairly quick read where the events don’t move too slow or too fast.


My Rating:  3 Hearts

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