Monster (Made & Broken #2)

By Nora Ash



They call me crazy. Sociopath. A monster without a conscience.

I always thought they were right. I don’t back down from anything, and the only thing that can quell the rage in my gut is killing.

Then she walked into my life. The woman who seduced me to steal my Family’s secrets.

I should kill her, but when I look into her eyes, all the monster in me wants is to protect her.


It was supposed to be an easy job: Seduce a ruthlessly handsome man and steal his pen drive while he’s sleeping. Not the worst thing I’ve had to do to while working on the streets, by far.

I didn’t know he was the son of London’s most dangerous crime family—and I didn’t know that looking at the pictures on that goddamn pen drive would make the entire country’s underworld hunt for me.

He’s the only one powerful enough to protect me now, but I’m not sure if that’s what he’s got in mind. I’ve seen what he does to the people who cross him.

He’s a monster.

And now, his sights are set on me.


Monster was a surprising read, I knew it was going to be dark but I did not expect the emotion it would envoke in me.  I did not expect the knots in my throat at the end when I found myself sad but also hopeful.  When I first met Marcus in Dangerous (Made & Broken #1) he immediately drew me in, I wanted to know his story.

Monster reflects his true inner turmoil and some readers may find him hard to connect with. He is dark, dangerous yet draws you in, you want him to find peace.  He is brutal when his inner demons come out, some parts of this story are quite violent but they reflect Marcus.  What healed my turmoil over this was his brother’s actions and how they silently backed him up, they were always there for him.

Evelyn was a perfect female character for Marcus, the way she communicates to the Monster and draws him to the light was beautiful.  She was strong and resilient and stood up for herself.

I was glad the author took their love on a different path to Blaine and Mira, even though it was still insta-love.  The author explains the attraction for both Blaine and Marcus towards the end of this story with their mother.  We learn more about the Steel family and all their secrets. This is a great Mob Romance that held me captive and I read in a day.

Again, upon finishing book 1, I bought book 2 and 3 as these brothers all drew me in and I need to know their stories.  I am so excited to read the twins story about what type of women brings these two to their knees.

Monster ends at a sad but also happy moment in time for this couple. I do hope I find out more about Marcus and Evelyn in the third book being Trouble.  I would love to see these Steel brothers unite their family together in this final installment especially with their other brother.

Monster (Made & Broken #2)

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