Dangerous (Made & Broken #1)

By Nora Ash


Killer. Heartbreaker. Husband…?

I hurt, break and kill for a living. The Family point, I deliver.
But this time, they ask too much. This time, they want me to marry the one woman who knows my secret. She has reason to hate me, I know, but I’ll take her, I’ll break her, and I’ll make her mine.
That’s the only way I can keep my secret.

When I ran away eight years ago, I thought I’d escaped the underworld I’d always known.
I made a life for myself. I thought I was free. Then my past came knocking at my door.
Now I’m marrying the son of London’s biggest crime family. A man who hates me as much as I hate him. He’s ruthless, brutal, and dangerous—everything I’ve always feared.
He’s taken away the life I built, he’s taken my freedom. And now, I fear he’s taken my sanity, too.
How else could I have ended up pregnant with his baby?

**Dangerous is a full-length romance novel with a guaranteed HEA, no cheating, and no cliffhanger!**


Dangerous was such a surprising read, it was fast paced, flowed well for me and the two main characters had a great personal connection.  Whilst reading Dangerous I could feel the emotional pull between these two headstrong people.

Mira was beautiful and very easy to love, her life has been so dramatic and dangerous.  The way Blaine wanted to protect her in his own stubborn way was amusing at times and frustrating at others.  The Mob story held my interest and was intense and sad at times in particular for Mira in what she endured at the hands of her father and brothers.  There are not many sex scenes between the two but when they do it is passionate.  The emotional build up is wonderful and relative to the story and helps build their relationship.

Blaine’s brothers provided such interest that upon finishing this book I immediately went and purchased the other two books in this series.  Marco is just so dark and intriguing, I cannot wait to meet the woman that breaks down his barriers.  The two twins are funny and relentless in their support of their family.

My only complaint was the way this ended, it was too quick and I wanted the conclusion with the story.  Thank god you can sign up with the author and you get a bonus chapter which gives you answers.  I hope we get to see more of Mira and Blaine in the coming books.

Dangerous (Made & Broken #1)

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