We welcome our Author of the Month for June – Lan LLP

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1.Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, hobbies, pets, etc).

I was born in Vietnam but grew up in the Midwest and never made it to the east coast to chase The Forever Series Box Setmy dream of becoming the next Donna Karan. I ended marrying the first guy I gave my heart away to at the age of sixteen, so yes, I believe in love at first sight and instalove. We have two adorable little girls who keep us very busy with their endless supply of energy and activities. Do I have a hobby? I don’t think I’ve ever met a hobby I didn’t love. I can do just about anything from cooking, baking to scrapbooking, crocheting, knitting, sewing, painting, floral arranging, gardening, hair styling, and make-overs. That’s just naming a few things. LOL! By profession, I’m a radiation therapist. I treat cancer patients of all ages. It’s both a tough and rewarding job. What I’ve gained from my eighteen years of experience is: embrace every day like it’s your last day. You never know what tomorrow will bring. Don’t waste it on nonsense.

2. How did you get into writing and why romance?

I’ve always had a vivid imagination and a love for anything romantic. After reading Fifty Shades (who didn’t, right?), my friends challenged me to write my own billionaire romance book. Because I devoured books about handsome, rich men who sweep women off their feet and make them feel like they’re the center of their universe like candy, I accepted their challenge. Who would’ve thought my scribble of ideas would become an Amazon bestselling trilogy.

3. Do you ever re-enact the sex scenes you write about?

It’s imperative to do proper research, so you’re knowledgeable of the topic you write about;) I’m a visual and hands-on kind of author.

4. Name a romance book or series you would love to see as a movie/TV Series.

Where do I begin? I have so many favorites I couldn’t choose just one.

5. Have you ever read a book based solely on its cover?

No, I also have to read the blurb to decide. Why miss out on a fabulous book based on a cover?

6. What is your ideal way to end a long day?

I’d change into my comfiest t-shirt and yoga pants, make a hot cup of vanilla-caramel tea, play Enya softly in the background, grab my tablet, and relax on my reading sofa with a cozy chenille blanket.

7. Describe your ultimate holiday.Clean Slate Promo E-Book and Print copy

It would have to be Bora Bora in one of those glass bottom bungalows with my hunky husband. My second choice would be a quaint villa in Tuscany, where I’m surrounded by nothing but beautiful landscapes and authentic Italian food.

8. Who is your favorite book boyfriend and why?

Can I claim Gideon, with Christian Grey’s hairdo, from the Crossfire series? His alpha hotness was off the charts.

9. What turns you on and what turns you off? (In men).

On: A man who can make me laugh, first and foremost. A considerate man is equally hot, especially if he leaves sexy notes or texts on my phone or surprises me with dinner.
Off: An egotistical man who knows he’s good-looking or an insecure/timid man.

10. Boxers or briefs?  Or commando??? (On men)

It would depend on who’s wearing each item. The young David Gandy or Henry Cavil would look off-the-chart hot in any of those choices.

11. Who is on your top five “Freebie List”? (Who could you sleep with that your partner won’t mind?)

Five? My husband said I could choose only one, but if you ladies won’t rat me out, I’ll whisper: David Gandy, Henry Cavil, Theo James, Rodrigo Guirao Diaz, and Tom Welling.

12. You have a table booked for four in your favorite restaurant. Who would you invite to join you?

My best friends of course. We always have a great time when we’re together.

13. How can our readers connect with you?  Facebook, Goodreads, Amazon, Twitter, etc.LanLLP

Instagram: @LanLLP