Ending with Forever

by Lan LLP



Book #3. Ending with Forever. The bestselling trilogy.

If your love for someone is greater than your own life, what would you sacrifice to keep her safe? The world and everything you’ve worked most of your life to procure? That is CEO Carson Bradley’s catch-22.

Unfortunately for Carson, his rivals have discovered his only weakness—Lillian Ly, the owner of his heart. The power behind his new cancer drug is what they desire and will stop at nothing to seize it. If necessary, kidnapping and murder are just the means to an end. How desperate would he be if she falls into their greedy hands?

Carson can no longer shield Lillian from the ugly secrets of his cutthroat pharmaceutical world. His dominance and vigilance are what protects her. Can he convince her of this or will her stubbornness be her downfall? With all the obstacles in their path, the journey to their happily forever will be a trying one. Will their love get them to the end?

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Firstly the cover is just stunning and my favourite of all covers in the series, the significance of the flower is just beautiful.

I love Carson and Lilly and book three definitely gives you all the answers to the multitude of questions we are left with after books 1 and 2.  I enjoyed the second half of this book much more than the first part as I felt the end sections were rushed as they were parts that I really wanted to know more about like into their future.

I loved how all the family connections were explained and we found out more with Lilly’s mum and I actually liked her at the end.  Now onto her mum, perhaps just me but all through books 1 and 2 we read that she was strict and hated wealth etc.  Carson comes in for the big reveal about their relationship and the big moment of explanation is over in like minutes and then she is eating out of his hand.  I expected her to be a little bit more stubborn than that, did not make total sense to me.

All in all a great ending to a fantastic story line and all these books are a great size and there is lots of side stories that keep you guessing and wondering how all the players are going to fit into the end game.

Ending with Forever

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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