By B. B. Hamel


Kinged is a raw, gritty, honest and dirty romance novel.  The two main love characters are battling the emotional and physical demons of their upbringings. I believe they both held their own within the storyline and connected to me on a deep level and their attraction to each other was sizzling on the pages.

Rex and Darcy are headstrong and their humorous banter towards each other I really enjoyed and put light to some dark moments.  The fighting scenes were raw, explosive and brutal at times but I held hope for Rex and his need for a new beginning.

This is not a hearts and flowers romance, there are characters in this story that are rough and questionable on many levels.  Her friend Amy and her fiancée who happens to also be Darcy’s boss is a mystery to me, I so wanted to know more about them, really intriguing those two.

The whole story flowed really well and although it is not one of my favourite underground fighter style romance novels I did finish it in a few days and it kept me intrigued to the end.

Can I also say I love the cover!

Finally I find it interesting in the title on Amazon for this book the word “thriller” is attached as honestly there were some harrowing moments but thinking back I never really felt fear or was on the edge of my seat shaking for Darcy or Rex.  I have read other books that I literally had to put down and find strength to pick back up as I have been scared of the outcome for the characters, did not feel it here.

Thanks for a fast paced story with some strong alpha males.


My rating:  

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