Legacy of Love (Legacy #3)

By Harriet Schultz


Legacy of Love, this book title is definitely fitting for the storyline, both main characters were given a legacy from growing up of not opening their hearts to love, who do they trust and they are both high achievers.  This book is number 3 of a series and I have not read books 1 and 2 but could easily follow when we were taken back in the main characters memories.

I have to admit I really enjoyed this story (I have to be honest I do not like the cover) and did get excited with my inkling it was going to just blow wide open with mystery and suspense once I was introduced to the “Devil” who simply intrigued me and he won me over pretty quickly.

I did find the start a bit slow and Seb did not really grow on me until the birthday party whereas Danielle I connected with immediately.  Their chemistry however was passionate and romantic and I enjoyed the different locations we were taken.  The physical romance and passion between the characters was enjoyable and I found myself wanting more than we were given.

The supporting characters particularly their friends Deigo, Alex and Serge helped connect the story and gave me the history of how they all knew each other within the circle of the two main love characters.

Now I simply want to go back and read Legacy of the Highlands – Legacy #1 (Deigo & Alex) and Legacy of Revenge – Legacy #2 (Deigo & Alex) as I think Harriet Schultz will not disappoint with further stories of romance, suspense and mystery.

Legacy of Love (Legacy #3)

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