Her Master’s Heart

By Lawrence Southwick



This book is dedicated to real women with a lifetime of wisdom and experience, and the courage to reach for their sexual dreams.

Robin is a forty five year-old, curvy divorcee who thinks her life is over. Her kids are out of the house and all she knows is how to take care of others. She’s never known true happiness or true satisfaction. Is it too late for her?

Robert is a handsome, older skilled Dom who is tired of shallow, skinny, young girls with too much makeup and too little clothing, who throw themselves at any guy with a pulse. Yet they seem to be the only ones he encounters at his local kink club, Bottoms Up. He wants more but has been losing hope. Is it time to quit the scene?

About the Author: Lawrence Southwick is a long-term practitioner of the BDSM lifestyle, participating in events in NY, PA, OH, and Canada. He enjoys writing erotica with kink and romance and love, and Happy After Evers. He uses his life and experiences as the basis of his stories. He is a contracted Dominant to two lovely female submissives, Master of House Weigelia, and playmate with other friends.

My Review

I was given an ARC and thank the author, can I just say my first male author romance novel I have read!

This is a story of the Heart pure and simple. Robin “Little Bird” is a character I could read another whole book on as she is one beautiful lady.  The strength and personal belief that she was worth something more and also to hold the bravery to venture into the unknown to try and capture this was inspiring.  It makes you question whether you have the ability to follow Robin or just hide away – Lulu would love to have her bravery and be able to challenge myself like she did – when she walked into that room all by herself – I literally felt sick for her and my knees where shaking.

One of the best things about this story is that we get both POV of Robin and Master so we get to understand what each character is trying to achieve.  The third party which can I say made the hairs on my neck stick up whenever we were directed to his storyline – creepy with a big capital C!  I was slightly disappointed with the ending as it kind of wrapped up the whole story a little too quickly.  I would have appreciated to learn of  Master’s response to the third party and Little Bird’s obvious danger and also some resolution with the ex husband.

The collaring part of the book was touching and I really enjoyed the significance especially before going back to the club.

This was more than just a BDSM story, yes there were some sexual scenes but they were beautifully written and were arousing.  The author showed BDSM in a nurturing way and showed the freedom one can gain in giving your trust to another human being.  I did enjoy reading about them venturing out and showing the two sides to their relationship, one behind closed doors and the sanctuary they create along with living day to day and the interactions with her children.

The way the writer expressed Robin’s feelings about her body was quite impressive and thoughtful.  I am sure a lot of women around their forties will read this book and think the author is in their head – I know I did.  To then read the thoughts from Master on Robin, her body, mind and spirit – I simply cherished and savoured each word he expressed.

This was really a surprising read for me, not at all like some of the other BDSM I have indulged in and I look forward to the next book by this author.  He definitely knows how  to express romance BDSM for a thinking women who has lived life’s bumpy roads in her mind and on her body and make her feel sensual.

Her Master’s Heart

My Rating: 

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