Killian (On The Line # 1)

By Brenda Rothert

BR Killian

Sidney Stahl (love the name and from this I can hazard a guess as to what players Brenda likes) is a self-made millionaire, making her first million while in college.  As a hockey fan, she has just purchased the Fenway Flyers, a minor league team with bad stats and an even worse reputation.  She vows to clean up the team’s image and create a team to be reckoned with.

Her major hurdle comes in the form of Killian Bosch, the team’s captain.  Sick of hearing about the team’s whoring, drinking and troubles with the law, she hopes that by bringing Killian into line, the rest of the team will follow.  But the situation becomes difficult when Sidney struggles to obey her own rule: no fraternisation with the players.

I was really excited to read Killian for a couple of reasons.  One:  It’s about a hockey player, so YAAY!  Two:  Because I was hoping to have found a new author who writes about hockey players.

Sadly, I was left quite disappointed with this book.  I never felt a connection with the characters, nor did I get emotionally invested into any part of the book.  The best way I can describe my thoughts on this book is to say that it just felt flat.  There was no real build-up or tension to their relationship.  I thought Killian was supposed to be this real bad boy, but as soon as he meets Sidney he settles down almost instantly.  There was nothing to hate about the book, but nothing to  love about it either.

I didn’t get the blackmail scene towards the end.  It came out of nowhere, it’s mentioned for all of 2 minutes, it’s never resolved nor is the person brought to justice, so why did it even have to be in the book?  To create drama for drama’s sake?  It made absolutely no sense to me.

And don’t get me started on the anal sex scene.  I’m sorry, but he’s method of preparing an anal virgin is to slap her arse a few times and put a bit of lube on.  That’s it.  No fingers.  No butt plug.  Nothing to relax the muscle that’s about to be erotically abused.  And yet before he’s even in, she’s already pushing back wanting more and is in love with it.  Sorry, but I prefer to read about sex that’s somewhat realistic.  That’s where the fun lies.

To be honest, the part that stands out most for me is when Killian and Liam are teaching the kids how to skate.  That scene was really cute and funny.

Killian (On The Line # 1)

My Rating:  2 Hearts

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