Daddy’s Girl

By Isabella Starling & Demi Donovan


Every brat needs a Daddy.

Daddy’s tastes are naughty and rough,
finding the right girl has been tough.

Daddy’s had them all you see,
but his little girl is the one he can’t set free.

Now Daddy has a lovely pet,
a naughty toy that’s scared of every threat.

But brats are always hard to train,
and Daddy’s girl has earned the cane.

Time to break out the whips and chains,
get some blood pulsing through baby’s veins.

Think twice before you disobey,
pretty girls in tears make Daddy’s day…


Daddy’s Girl has me torn in two, how can I devour a book that is just a little bit wrong and dirty? Well I read it in a day, could not put it down, knew It would be hard but you once you pick this up you will like me keep turning those pages wanting to know how it ends – I simply loved the ending.

Lily’s mother was one character that I truly wanted to hurt very badly and then Law, well words fail me on that man, he is demented and dangerous but wow when he is that erotic and dominating man within the dark walls of Lily’s life well – speechless.

The mystery of Lily’s family and then the other players in this underworld is astonishing and when you realise where she is being held – well I was shocked – I had to take a moment as I was horrified and just so angry.

Lily’s strength her way to adapt to her situation and her issues obviously with her own father – her back story was interesting and helped me understand her actions and emotions to her situation.

Daddy’s Girl

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