This August (Next August #2)

By Kelly Moore


August Rylan had a reputation for being a brilliant businessman with no emotional attachments. He avoided having any personal ties except for his best friend Sam. His father’s past pushed him into building his life around secrets and lies.
His world came crashing down when he met Nashville, a sweet-talking southern girl who stole his heart. For the first time in his life, he wanted to give his heart to someone. He gave up his world for her after all his secrets were exposed.
Now, he’s a changed man. He’s given up his suits for cowboy boots for the woman that stole his heart. He wants to give her the world and all she wants is HIM. He’s fiercely in love with Nashville and their passion for each other is sizzling hot. He had finally found balance in his life.
August thought he was done paying for his father’s sins until a new threat emerges. The stakes have never been higher. He stands to lose everything he’s worked to build. The new threat will shatter their world, hell bent on revenge.
Will they figure out who it is before it’s too late? There is no escape, someone’s life will be changed forever.


Firstly I love the cover of This August (Book 2) of the series (Next August) – this is not a standalone you definitely need to read Next August – they are a package deal and you will not be disappointed.

I Loved Next August where we first meet August and Nash with Sam & Anna their friends, they had many hurdles to overcome.  With This August well it is their love story continued but with one last mystery from his dad to overcome.

We get POV from both characters which I love especially with so much happening.

I did find the first half was very fast paced, there were large moments of time jumped and it is more my problem as a reader as I really wanted to know every detail of their lives. The second half of the book just explodes, loved the honeymoon and when the mystery bad guy is revealed and August has to rescue Nash well I was glued to the pages. Nash’s mum and dad are a large part of this story along with Sam of course. Now Sam is one character I adore and to see him stepping up was a pleasure to see.

August is still the domineering lover and there is plenty of enjoyable romantic and passionate scenes for the reader to enjoy. It was also wonderful to have Anna back in their lives even after they are married.

I cannot wait for Sam’s story, I think it will be one highly emotional story considering what he has gone through in his short life, it is going to be a special woman to break down his barriers.

This August (Next August #2)

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