Baby, You’re Mine

by Fiona Davenport

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Guy Rule #1: Sisters Are Off Limits

Bailey Cross grew up as the only daughter of a single mom. When she finds out about a family she never knew she had, she travels half-way across the country to meet them. On the night Bailey hits town, her nerves get the better of her, making her act out of character when she meets Wyatt Kincaid in a bar and lets him take her home. After a night that rocks her world, she races out of his bed as quickly as she fell into it. But, there is one thing Bailey can’t run from, the baby she and Wyatt created.

Wyatt went out looking for a good time and found a hell of a lot more than he’d bargained for. He wants more than a one night stand with the woman in his bed; he wants a chance at forever. But when he wakes up the next morning, she’s gone. He searches for her, but Bailey is nowhere to be found… until he goes looking in his best friend’s home.

My Review

Well this series is going to be my guilty little secret – please don’t judge me – I needed a light hearted read with all the lovey dovey stuff!

This is a sweet, short but a surprising sassy story – do not grab it if you are after a heart wrenching dramatic romantic story – this is a fun read and ticks all the boxes for me.

It has all the insta-love ingredients to make it a great in between cleanse the mind read.

The alpha male Wyatt (OMG love the name) who gets knocked off his socks but one young lady hell bent on having some fun and losing her virginity.

Thank god I say finally a girl that is not all about saving it for “The One”, she is like I need to grab the bull by the horns and ride this man to punch in my V Card – you go Bailey!

This story is fast, has humour, lots of great sex scenes that actually fit with the characters profiles really well, is sweet where it needs to be and actually had a little heart in the mouth moment towards the end. Did not like her brother Jack but I did soften towards the end, to me a bit of a bully and judgemental of his friend. Also found her realising she is pregnant scene a bit weird but hey it was humorous in that she is having a vomit and the whole family are having a conversation around her.

Best bit of this is that we get an epilogue to show us where these two great characters end up and it has the “Oops” baby story that I unashamedly just love.

Baby, You’re Mine

My Review: 4 Hearts

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