By Bella Cruise

BR Tasty


Go on, lick it. 

Cupcake queen Jules Rockwell has sworn off men. All men. Because heartbreak is a bitch. But when sexy chef Cal McKenzie shows up in town – with a soft as butter Scottish accent and abs you could lick frosting off – she wonders if maybe a no-strings fling is exactly what she needs. 

Then she finds out the truth: he’s opening up his own rival bakery, right down the street from her store. Her sexy fling is now her #1 competition – and Jules never backs down from a fight. 

Cal McKenzie doesn’t play by the rules. His sex appeal and chocolate eclairs are a deadly combination, and he’s got his eye on worldwide pastry domination – but he didn’t reckon on Jules. Full of wit and spice, she’s more than just a sexy hook-up. But as their chemistry heats up, so does their rivalry. With her heart and her career on the line, Jules isn’t sure she can risk it all again. 

She’s been burned before. Will this fling satisfy both of their cravings?


TASTY was a cute and enjoyable read, but I didn’t find it as funny as I remember the first book, SPARKS FLY, being.  The thing I remember most was how bad I felt for Jules.  Owning her own bakery was her dream and it was so sad to see her business failing.  I hated that the town she grew up in didn’t show any loyalty to her or her business because they were all too enamoured with the new kid on the block.  I wanted to kick Cal where it would hurt for how he lied to her about his business and how he kept her hopes up while knowing full well he was going to destroy them.  Don’t get me wrong, Cal’s not a total bad guy⎯he redeemed himself in the end and all the other reviews I’ve read show that he’s very well liked⎯but at times I found him rude and hurtful, which only made me side more with Jules.  Even though TASTY brought out negative emotions in me, that’s not always a bad thing.  In this case, I was never bored, I got sucked into the story and I really really really wanted Jules to get her HEA.  There is one character that deserves an honourable memorable, and that is Jules’s assistant, Summer.  She’s dry and sarcastic, but she’s funny and loyal to Jules, which she really needed in this book.


My Rating:  4 Hearts

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