Yuri (Bratva Blood Brothers #1)

By K J Dahlen


He knew he wasn’t looking for anything pure or righteous.
He’d never known tenderness, nor did he want to know. It didn’t fit with being Bratva.
But when he met her, this tiny bundle of woman he almost wished he were different.
There was something about her that appealed to something deep inside him.
Something he never realized was even there.
She had reached down deep into his soul and taken a piece of himself he didn’t know was even there.
For her, he almost wished he was different.
Because now that he had tasted her he wouldn’t let her go.

She knew who he was and what he was but she never expected to be drawn to him,
She had nothing to offer a man like him.
He was one man she should never have met, let alone been allowed to taste.
He was everything she’d ever dreamed of and so much more.
She knew she should have walked away from him for her own sake.
But if she did she’d be nothing more than a shattered soul 


Yuri consisted of a great Russian mob story, lots of twists and it was easy to follow Yuri and his four friends from their childhood.

Nicky and Raven were great characters and their story was so meaningful.  In saying that, we did hear it numerous times as new characters were introduced.  I did find this strange and when the characters from Russia arrived and we heard it again, it started to lose its impact.

Raven was a brilliant and very strong female character, I immediately connected with her and loved the way her story became so central to Yuri and moving forward.  She was so loving and compassionate but also fragile at moments.  Yuri’s strength and stubbornness provided a great support for her and their lovemaking was perfect and placed well within the story.

When Yuri concluded I was definitely not ready to stay goodbye to this couple, I would have loved to see more of their relationship going forward.  Perhaps in the coming books, we also get to see more of Yuri and Raven?

Yuri (Bratva Blood Brothers #1)

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