by Kelly Elliott



Verbally abused by her mother for years, 18 year old Ellie Johnson always believed she would never be loved or wanted by anyone. She focused all of her attention on her grades and getting into the University of Texas to start a new life away from her mother.

The last thing Ellie expected was to fall in love with Gunner Mathews, a starting linebacker for the University of Texas football team and not to mention, her brothers best friend.

Gunner only had two passions in life, football and his grandfather’s ranch, until he falls for his best friends little sister. He will stop at nothing to show Ellie how much he wants her, even if it means he has to move faster than she would like.
Gunner knows they are meant to be together forever, but Ellie keeps denying her feelings out of fear of being hurt again.

Every time he gets close to winning her love, something pushes her away again. Will Ellie ever be able to let go of the past and let him into her heart and will Gunner be patient enough to wait for her?

What will it take for them to realize they are all each other have ever WANTED?

My review

Well I loved this story, it was sweet and sassy but then also dirty and delightful.  If you wanted a romp in the hay with a happy ever after, insta-love, wrapped together with drama then you will love “Wanted”.

However I too am a little torn as while reading Wanted I actually really loved and connected with the supporting characters of Ari and Jeff more than Gunner and Ellie.  To me Gunner was a little over sensitive, I think I like my men a bit more alpha, he sometimes to me was a little too soft and sensitive for a cowboy.  I would have perhaps connected more with Ellie if we saw more anxiety from the way her mother treated her, we had two glimpses of how Gunner settled her down and I loved that when she had her panic attacks.  Perhaps a little less drama and misunderstanding and confessing their undying love for each other and perhaps a little bit more meat in the story particularly with their two mothers may have made me love them more.

Now can I just say that Ari rocks, her character, sass and stubbornness had me laughing, crying and riveted to the pages when she appeared and Jeff was a wonderful brother.

I have added Saved which is the next book int he series to my TBR list however I will be not reading it straight away as I have a feeling we will be going down a similar route with Ari & Jeff as we did with Ellie and Gunner in that there is going to be lots of drama, double meanings, misunderstandings, hurt and then a wonderful HEA.

Oh, before I forget we also get to fast forward with Gunner and Ellie and see how they are travelling, Ellie desired to be Wanted well Gunner simply Worshipped her – beautiful to see.


My rating: 4 Hearts

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