The Pool Boy

By Penny Wylder



The second I saw her, I had to have her.
When my friend asked me to cover for him at his pool cleaning job, I figured I’d make some extra cash. I didn’t expect to find myself face to face with a sweet set of curves named Vera.
Then she started strutting around in her bikini.
I guess her goal is to piss her rich dad off. I’m clearly not the kind of guy he wants her near.
But if she thinks I’ll let her toy with me and not follow through… I’ve got a surprise for her.
A huge surprise that wants to rip through my pants.
I’ll screw her in the pool shed, the garden, and right in her room while her parents sleep down the hall.
I don’t care if her dad finds out or not—this girl is MINE.


THE POOL BOY is a hot and quick read, and is the first book I’ve read from Penny Wylder.

James and Vera are very likeable characters and you could feel the chemistry between them right from the start.  Vera is not your typical rich girl.  She cares about those less fortunate than her and it’s her dream to work for a company that designs and builds homes for those that need them.  James is not the kind of man her father would ever pick for her.  He’s not from a wealthy family and is filling in as caretaker for their estate.  Vera is attracted to him at first sight, and if it pisses off her father that she’s sleeping with the help, well that’s just a bonus.

The sex between James and Vera dominates this story and it is hot.  Scorching hot.  That scene involving the garden hose?  Yowza.  The entire story (except the epilogue) takes place in the span of a week, so it is an insta-love.  Vera’s father’s involvement in her job-hunting endeavours was easy to spot right from the start and by the end of the book, the status of her relationship with her parents is left unresolved.  THE POOL BOY is told in dual POVs and is a stand-alone novella that comes with a nice HEA.  There is an option to read another epilogue that takes place a year later, but to access that you need to sign up to the author’s newsletter, which I think is sneaky.  I mean no offence to the author, but I’m not going to sign up to a newsletter just to find out how the story really ends.

The Pool Boy

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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