Taken Back

By Alyna Amorosi



Sonya Valentina is a struggling waitress who has recently lost her mother. She got hired as a hostess at a strip club owned by a mysterious foreigner. One of their regular customers is a cocky Russian mobster. Sonya has never gone for the bad boy type, but this brash and dangerous bad boy somehow makes her feel… safe.

Dmitri Veselov has the looks of a model… well, except for his scars and prison tattoos. He’s as heartless in dating as he is vicious in handling his business. And this Russian stud already has every stripper at Sultan’s Palace squirming in their G-strings.

But when he meets Sonya, he has feelings of comfort and trust like he hasn’t felt since before his happy childhood took a tragic turn into a brutal life of death and violence.

Yet with a mafia war raging, his mob boss uncle’s massive fortune on the line, and more dark secrets than he can count, should Dmitri allow Sonya into his world?

Taken Back has some steamy scenes (and they get a bit rough!) It also has a suspenseful plot, wild surprises, and characters I hope you’ll love as much as I do.


I am a sucker for Mafia Romance particularly when you throw in a dominate Russian – Dmitri was one hot and powerful man.  This story at the start reminded me a lot of the Kristen Ashley book “Knight”, although not the same length and set in different environment, this had similar ingredients – naïve beautiful honest girl and a hot as hell Kingpin who fought his attraction but in the end nothing could keep them apart.  This was definitely more grittier and had elements of the real seedy side of life including drugs.

I really enjoyed how this story was told, you are given both main characters and what is happening in their individual lives and then together, you could easily follow the storyline and there were hints of Sonya and Dmitri’s connections throughout the book until the poignant moment when it all crashes together.  The reader was taken not only on a journey of romance but a suspenseful ride especially with Sonya and a dangerous job opportunity and there are characters that will have you guessing what part they are playing in this game of Mafia chess and who will come out on top.

Overall I enjoyed the ending and how we saw the characters complete the connections past and present, their time at the cabin was beautiful considering Sonya’s horrific few days and I was definitely kept on the edge of my seat.  I was glad we were given some romance at the end after the few chapters of real dirty and deceitful actions by people Sonya trusted.

My only complaint is I did find some parts rushed towards the end.

Taken Back

My Rating:  4 Hearts

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