Anything for Love (Hunter Brothers #1)

By Lola St. Vil


Winter, I know your ex hurt you, but I’m not him. I can love you; let me…

Winter Bennett is on the worst date of her life, so she decides to bail and go home to her true loves: take out and Netflix. On her way out of the door, she spots her ex-boyfriend with his hot, new girl. Horrified at the thought of being seen, Winter does what any sane woman would do; she bolts into the bathroom and out the back window.

Falling smack-dab in the middle of a sting operation wasn’t part of the plan, but that’s exactly what happened. And now, bullets are flying overhead. Thankfully, a sexy NYPD homicide detective by the name of Wyatt Hunter saves her. He is furious with her for ruining his operation but he’s even more upset when he can’t get her off his mind. Soon he falls for her — hard. Unfortunately, Winter’s heart has been broken and she’s too afraid to let anyone in. Does Wyatt have what it takes to get Winter to give love one more try?

This steamy romance is a roller coaster ride that will make you hot, make you laugh, and even shed a few tears. It’s a full-length standalone novel. NO cheating, NO cliffhangers, and a guaranteed Happily-ever-after! This book has adult content for ages 18 and over.


Loved this slow burn romance, both Wyatt and Winter are easy characters to fall in love with.

“When it’s over, we don’t let go. I think that’s why I love him: he never let’s go.”

The above sums up why I loved this story, Wyatt is such a good guy, he is alpha but oh so sensitive.  When he falls for Winter it is deep, loving, possessive and such a beautiful relationship to watch develop.

Two of my favourite shows are referenced in this story, it made me smile, Friends and Man v Food, I love when that happens, it’s like they are on my wavelength.

We meet their families and in particular Wyatt and his brother’s who will form this series. They are very likable men who will provide alpha romance.

One character I adored was Decker and there are some twists in his side story which made me so happy – he was the perfect soup guy – read this story and it will make your heart sing.

Wyatt was just such a strong alpha male and I loved his perseverance with winter. You will understand Winter’s reluctance at intimacy and her trust issues and once known I gave her the space to develop.  Their physical moments once the barrier was broken were very satisfying.

The flow of this story is easy to read, keeps you entertained and is light and will make you happy.  The epilogue tied up loose ends nicely and we get to go a few years ahead to witness special moments.

Anything for Love was simply a lovely romantic read with all the feel-good moments to make you smile and swoon.

Quote:  “No you weren’t ready baby, but it’s okay. You’re my girl and I’ll wait for you…”

Anything for Love (Hunter Brothers #1)

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