Stronger Than This

By Abby McCarthy


I married a monster — a member of a motorcycle club. I was okay with him blurring the lines until the lines he crossed turned against me. He wasn’t always a monster, or he hid it well. I wouldn’t have married him if I’d known. By the time his true colors showed, I was pregnant with no way out. Until one day, years of planning paid off, and I was able to run away with my daughter.
I found my footing in the foothills of Pennsylvania, thinking I would be far from any MC. I was wrong.

As a member of The Devil’s Crusaders, not much escapes me in Wakeman. Especially not the tiny, fiery redhead who strolled into town, so obviously hiding from something. She made my blood boil in the best way possible. I’d avoided taking an old lady, instead, choosing to spend my years raising my daughter. Not anymore. Not since Marie. I was ready, and she was it for me. I just had to find out what she was hiding from before it finally catches up to her


Stronger Than This started perfectly and drew me in from the first few chapters.  After knowing where we are headed you have a continual feeling of waiting for Marie’s future and past to collide.

Mickey was just a perfect male character and once I got used to his accent it flowed well.  I had not read any other books by this author and could easily follow the supporting characters.  The sense of family amongst these characters provide light and laughter to an at times dark and sad story.

There was no unnecessary drama in this story and considering some of the topics covered it was welcomed as a reader to just follow Marie’s journey.  The beautiful way other women were woven into becoming Marie’s tribe was refreshing.

Talon was a realistic character in her honest expression of changing her life.  It was lovely to follow this mother and daughter rebuild their connection to each other after living in lies and deceit.  Drake was a frightening character and towards the end, I was beside myself with fear.

The last few chapters of this story are at times hard to read as I had forged such a strong connection to Marie and Talon.  The journey is worth it as we are given a wonderful happy ever after.

Stronger Than This

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