Strip Me Bare

By M. Never


“I may have had more lovers than you, and I may take my clothes off for countless women, but you are the only one who can strip me bare.”

Do you ever stop loving someone just because they’re gone?

Five years ago, Ryan Pierce disappeared from Alana Remington’s life without a trace. He was the one she gave her heart to, her soul to — and her virginity to. So, imagine her surprise when she finds him dancing at one of NYC’s hottest male revues as ‘Jack the Stripper.’

Ryan never stopped loving Alana, and now that she has serendipitously dropped back into his life, he’s vowed never to lose her again. But being together has its costs, and challenges Alana isn’t sure she can handle. She finally has Ryan back. But how in the world is she supposed to share the love of her life with half of the women in New York City?

Strip Me Bare is a second chance, standalone romance. It contains angst, heat, humor, heartbreak, and one seductive male stripper who will not only have you handing over your panties, but also your heart.

You’ve been warned.


I’ve been wondering how to rate STRIP ME BARE for a few days now, and in the end I decided to give it 3❤️, because while I liked the story and its characters, there were some things I didn’t like.

I’ll start with Ryan and Alana, who I did like and I thought they fit as a couple.  What I didn’t like about Ryan was how he sacrificed his freedom for someone who didn’t deserve it the first time, let alone a second time.  What I didn’t like about Alana was how she folded to her father’s demands because she wanted his money to pay for her education and lifestyle.  It made her seem like she was a doormat and a user.  I also didn’t like that Alana never slept with anyone else in the five years they were apart, but of course Ryan had no problem sleeping with dozens of women while still being in love with Alana.

Moving on to the story, it took me a while to get into it because it was a little slow.  So slow that I considered not finish it.  But I’m very glad I kept with it, because it did pick up towards the end and became a more enjoyable read.  Despite being slow, there’s quite a bit happening throughout the story, and as I got closer to the end, I thought for sure the author was going to leave a few of these things unresolved.  So colour me pleasantly surprised when she tidied everything up, and did so in believable ways.

One other issue I had with the story were the skips in time; the story takes place over several years, with the epilogue taking place another six years later.  I don’t think the gaps took away anything from the story, rather my frustration stemmed from not knowing that time had elapsed because it wasn’t a header at the beginning of the chapter.  I’d get this sense that something wasn’t right, that I felt like I was missing something, and it would be several paragraphs into a chapter that Alana would say or think about how much time had passed.

I know I seem to have only listed the bad stuff, and it may sound like I didn’t enjoy STRIP ME BARE, but I did.  It comes with a lovely HEA that brings the story together and left me feeling very happy.  It is told only in Alana’s POV and is a stand-alone.

Strip Me Bare

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