Kate Meader

I first met Kate Meader in 2016 at the RT Convention in Las Vegas, then again this year at the RT Convention in Atlanta.  Both times she was absolutely lovely as she signed books for readers.  I haven’t read too many of her books, but she has a new(ish) hockey romance series that I’m looking forward to devouring.

Please welcome our Author of the Month,
Kate Meader.

1     Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, hobbies, pets, etc).

I’m originally from Ireland, moved to the US to travel and work, met a boy … and the rest is history. I’ve actually lived longer here than in Ireland so I don’t have much of an Irish accent anymore, except when I’m talking to my mother on the phone! I live with my husband (the same boy I stayed for, thank God) in Chicago. Love wine, travel, romance, and chocolate.

2     How did you get into writing and why romance?

I’ve always loved to read but didn’t have any ambitions to be a writer when I was younger. However, I was approaching a milestone birthday about 6 years ago and coming home from work each night, then sitting on the sofa watching TV all night. I started thinking: “This can’t be how I go out!” I’d always loved to read romance so I thought I’d like to start writing a book, and writing about people falling in love can’t be hard, right? Wrong! It was so hard (still is) but after about a year, I realized I might be onto something here. I started entering contests, then winning contests, then getting agent interest. From when I started writing to my first book deal was about 18 months. I can’t imagine writing anything but romance though I harbor notions of writing a great mystery like Agatha Christie—I just don’t have the plotting gene!

3     Do you ever re-enact the sex scenes you write about?

Some nights in bed, I’ll turn to my husband and say: “Now this might involve an unnatural twist of your torso, but just go with it because it’s research!” ?

4     Name a romance book or series you would love to see as a movie/TV Series.

Immortals After Dark by Kresley Cole. I think that would make an amazing TV series.

5     Have you ever read a book based solely on its cover?

A cover might draw me in, but if the blurb can’t sell me, a pretty cover won’t sway me. So, no.

6     What is your ideal way to end a long day?

Glass of wine, catching up on a show I might have DVR’d.

7     Describe your ultimate holiday.

Any place I haven’t been before, as long as my husband is hanging with me. He plans all our vacations and does an amazing job of it!

8     Who is your favourite book boyfriend and why?

Ooh, this is a tough one! It’s hard to pick just one, so I’ll pick the most recent one I read and loved: Julius Hatcher, self-made man in Joanna Shupe’s A DARING ARRANGEMENT. We’re first introduced to him during his birthday bash while he’s drunk on horseback on the second floor of a New York restaurant during the Gilded Age. It’s an awesome intro and the book only gets better from there!

9     What turns you on and what turns you off?

Turn on: humor.
Turn off: unkindness.

10     Boxers or briefs?  Or commando???

Boxer-briefs? I like ‘em snug but no fear of a wardrobe malfunction!

11     Who is on your top five “Freebie List”?  Who could you sleep with that your partner won’t mind?

ALL THE CHRISES! (Hemsworth, Pratt, Pine, Evans) + Hugh Jackman.

12     You have a table booked for four in your favourite restaurant. Who would you invite to join you?

One Chris (doesn’t matter which one, but if you twist my arm I’ll go with Hemsworth), Kristan Higgins, and Meryl Streep.

13     How can our readers connect with you?

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