Sovietnik’s Fury

By V.F. Mason


Terrified at what my family wanted to do to me, I ran away from them straight into the arms of a gray-eyed stranger.
The man taught me how to love, creating a cocoon around my heart that nothing could break.
I thought my old life was behind me, but my dreams didn’t come true.
They had found me and manipulated the situation in their favor, destroying my life in the process.
To save the man I loved, I had no choice but to betray him.
He was out of prison now.
He would come for revenge.
All I could do was pray for mercy.

Five years.
That was how long I had spent in prison for the crime I didn’t commit.
My life, my status, my woman were stolen from me.
So many people due revenge from for the injustice done to me.
But I’d start with the one who betrayed me the most.
The woman I loved, the only woman who occupied my thoughts all those years, from the moment I’d met her.
The only woman I used to live for.

Warning: 18+ due to sexual content, profanity, abuse, graphic violence, and adult subject matter. Standalone, although connected with Pakhan Duet series.


Firstly, I love the cover, yes I too wanted his beard to run between my legs just like Vivian, wow their passionate scenes were H.O.T.!

Sovietnik’s does have immense fury, anger, betrayal but his ultimate love for Vivian and the need to protect her made him the champion.  The way the author told their love story between the past and present seemed to entwine without breaks, it simply flowed perfectly for me.  I do not normally like going backwards and forwards but I found in this story I was hungry for everything, their history, the plotting and I had questions and all were answered.

Well done to the author, I did not pick The Director, I had a hunch but until it was revealed I was still second guessing myself which in the end provided a great twist.  There are also other great small stories within this suspenseful journey especially with the Sovietnik’s family, Vivian and her sister and parents too that I loved.

The Sovietnik does get his revenge, it is at times dark, raw and gritty but done with total relevance to the story and I was with him every step of the way considering the injustice served to him.  I did also enjoy the friendship with his group of men and I found the Russian mafia story easy to follow.  I also really loved the endless protection and moments of humour given particularly between Vivian, Jake and the Russian men.

I literally picked this up and could not put down, it had me gripped to the pages, second guessing myself and then falling in love all over again with Vivian and the Sovietnik like they did 5 years earlier.

The Epilogue is brilliant and left me totally satisfied with the conclusion to their love story.

Sovietnik’s Fury

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