Seduced by Stratton (The English Brothers # 4)

By Katy Regnery

RBTS Seduced by Stratton

Normally I just get right into a review, but this time there’s a bit of backstory to go with it.

Seduced by Stratton is book 4 in The English Brothers series, following up from Breaking up with Barrett, Falling for Fitz and Anyone but Alex.  I had recently read the first three books and honestly, I wasn’t overly impressed.  The writing and editing were great (no problems there), but I felt that all three books were pretty much the same and that books 4 and 5 would be as well.  On Goodreads I gave each book a 3/5 rating and mentioned that sadly, I was not going to continue with the series.

So imagine my surprise when Miss Katy contacted me after reading my reviews, hoping that I could be “seduced” (pun intended) back into the series.  I must say I was impressed when she contacted me.  I mean, I’m just one person in a sea of hundreds who have reviewed her books on Goodreads.  But did she brush off my not-so-fantastic reviews?  No.  Instead, she emails me, thanks me for my reviews, tells me that the theme for Seduced by Stratton is different and hopes I’d consider giving her series another chance.  This is an author who clearly cares about her readers.

And you know what?  Seduced by Stratton is different and doesn’t follow the second-chance romance theme seen in the first three books.

So what’s this book about?  Stratton and Val met a few months earlier (in a previous book) and the sparks flew.  There was a connection and at the end of the night, Val made her move but Stratton shot her down.  A few months later, they meet again when Val needs financial advice to help save her aunt’s dance studio.  The sparks are still there and Val makes move after move after move, all of which Stratton shoots down because he’s convinced he’s in love with another woman.

So let’s talk about the characters.  Stratton.  I love that name.  I don’t think I’ve heard it before, but I can totally picture myself moaning that name in the heat of passion.  Yowza.  Despite the sexy sounding name and rock hard body, I wasn’t sold on him.  He’s sweet, kind, quiet, awkward in social situations and quite shy when it comes to women.  My main issue with Stratton is that he thinks he’s in love with his neighbour: a woman he hasn’t slept with at all; who is dating another man; and who only spends time with him when her boyfriend has upset her (which is often since her boyfriend is a cheating scumbag).  Clearly, he’s been friend-zoned and for two years, he’s stood by waiting for the right time to tell her about her loser boyfriend and make his move.  Come on man, grow a pair already.  That being said, he’ll be totally loyal to Val and will never cheat on her.  Never ever.  That’s just the man he is.

Val on the other hand, she rocked.  I loved her character.  She knew what she wanted and even though Stratton kept pushing her away, she’d get right back up  trying to earn her spot in his heart.  She knew he was very attracted to her and worked very hard doing everything she could to get him to acknowledge and accept it.  Even when her feelings were hurt she doesn’t let it get her down for long.  She is not a wallower and not once did I think she was silly for giving Stratton chance after chance to realise what was right in front of him.

In the end, the boy gets the girl.  Or in this case, the girl gets the boy.  Go Val.

At the end of this book was an excerpt from Wild about Weston, book 5 in the series.  Reading about Molly’s breakup got me both angry and sad in the span of a few pages.  So bravo Miss Katy.  You’ve successfully convinced me to continue on with your series.

My rating:

4 Hearts

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